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De enige echte Danish Demolition komt naar Haarlem toe! Vier verschillende topbands uit de stal van het Deense creatieve metalcollectief Prime Collective hebben de handen ineen geslagen voor een kleine Europese tour en zijn daarbij dus ook in Nederland te zien. De bands Siamese, Helhorse, Defecto en Aphyxion brengen hun A-game voor een avond metal van de bovenste plank! Nee, nog niet echt wereldberoemd, maar dat kan natuurlijk nog komen. Bij Lords Of Metal vonden we dit ook een prima initiatief, hoe meer leuke tours hoe beter, dus namen we even contact op met alle vier de bands voor een nadere kennismaking.

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The Danish Demolition Tour is a all Danish four-pack that will be touring through Denmark, England, Holland and Germany in September, and during that trek the bands will be playing in Patronaat Haarlem September 26th. Part of this tour are Siamese, Hellhorse, Defection and Aphyxion. Would you be so kind to introduce your own band to our readers, and tell them what kind of music you are playing?

Siamese - Mirza Radonjica-Bang: I’ve been reading Lords Of Metal for many years now, and I'm happy to finally have an interview in here. WOHOOO! My name is Mirza. I am the leadsinger of Siamese from Copenhagen. We are an award winning and chart topping metalcore/RnBcore act. We like to mix heavy riffs with clean and soulfull vocals. If you like bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance - you will probably like us. Also, we have a violinist. We’ve been around for the last eight years releasing four records on the way on Artery Recordings (US) and my own company Prime Collective. This will be our third time in Holland. The last time we played a really fun show in Utrecht. I know that Patronaat is going to be even more fun!

Aphyxion - Michael Dahl: We’re Aphyxion, a five-piece modern metal band in our early twenties. You like Soilwork, BMTH and Architects? Give us a go - promise you won’t regret it. We’ve been called “the saviours of melodic death metal” by Metal Hammer UK – and while that might be stretching it juuuust a bit, we can honestly say that we have some pretty strong songs behind us.

Helhorse – Mikkel Wad Larsen: Helhorse is a take-no-prisoners heavy rock band. We mix classic rock with punk, sludge and metal and basically have no sense of shame. Live we aim to make the venue explode – so expect lots of sweet, beer and mayhem – bring you dancing shoes. Musically with have a lot of dynamics and the songs vary from fast pace punk stuff, to mid-tempo groove- to epic ballads – oh yeah and it’s heavy as fuck!

Defecto – Nicklas Sonne: In Defecto we’re playing melodic/progressive metal featuring huge catchy choruses, massive riffs, blazing solos and grandiose symphonies with a modern feel. Lead guitarist Frederik and bass player Thomas has actually been playing together since childhood, almost twenty years now. In 2010 we joined up with front man Nicklas Sonne and the early parts of Defecto was formed. We started out with releasing an EP back in 2011 and used the following years writing more songs. The debut album ‘Excluded’ is made in collaboration with former Aqua producer Jan Langhoff and former Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen, and was released in March 2016. From there it all took off and around 100 concerts later we are now aiming to release our third album in 2019. Although we’re a relative newcomer to the scene with only two albums under our belt, the band already boasts an impressive CV: we have been doing sold out tours in Denmark, touring around Europe and Japan, playing at prestigious festivals such as Copenhell, Qstock and Smukfest and supporting giants such as Metallica and Rammstein.

What was your latest release, and why is it a must have for every fan of the musical niche you guys play in?

Siamese: Our latest release was 'Shameless' released June 2017. It’s been by far our most successful album to date with over five million streams worldwide. So maybe it's also the best one we have done yet? You should listen to us, because I genuinely believe that not many bands out there have the sound we have. Its highly accessible but never boring. And its catchy as hell. I'm sure if you are a big metalhead, this might become your guilty pleasure.

Aphyxion: Our latest release was 'Aftermath' from 2016 – our second album. It’s a must have for the melodic metal enthusiast, who wants to hear a new and modern turn on a great genre that isn’t very “in” these days.

Helhorse: The last release is our self-titled album – ‘Helhorse’. It contains some of our biggest hits like ‘Hell OF A Ride’ and ‘Carry Your Own’. I would say it’s a must have for everyone who like really heavy ROCK , but with lots of dynamics and catch melodies. Right now however we are in “new album mode” , so I am really excited about playing these new songs for you guys – in my heart of hearts I know that these new tunes will totally slay!

Defecto: Our latest release was the album ‘Nemesis’, from December 2017. Our musical mission was to create songs that have an instant impact on the listener, with a focus on songwriting that breaks down musical barriers instead of trying to fit into a certain sound. It was a quite anticipated album and scored top grades in many Danish as well as international magazines.

The European part of the tour starts September 24th in London (England) and ends September 30th in Munich (Germany). What are your expectations for this tour?

Siamese: I really hope that it becomes a way for people to know our names out there. We’ve all taking a big risk in doing the show the way we did. Nightliner, professional crew etc. I believe all four bands are ready to take that step. I hope that people support us, and show up to the shows, which I believe they will. I also expect to have a lot of fun, cause touring is like in my top 3 things in life. Number 1 is my mom's food, number 2 is my wife's food and then comes touring.

Aphyxion: A very compressed and intensive little tour through some of the greatest countries to play metal in Europe. Lots of beers with great friends, making lots of new friends and playing some crazy good shows at venues with everything from 30 to 300 people. Hopefully, mostly the latter. Seeing that the tour isn’t longer, we can go ahead and give it full throttle on all shows.

Helhorse: I am really excited. All bands on this bill have toured central Europe extensively the last two years and in the Helhorse I can say that a lot of these shows have been some of the best in our career. So I see this as a really important stepping stone in the Helhorse invasion plan of Europe. Besides that I expect a lot of great times, booze and riffage extraordinaire. Go buy a ticket and party with us – you won’t regret it!

Defecto: We expect a great week of fun, doing the thing we love the most. Considering this a relative short tour, I think all bands will be able to do 110% every night. We of course know the other bands and know people will get some serious ass-kicking surprises with this line-up. It’s going to be some crazy nights!

Why did you think it was a brilliant idea to be part of this tour?

Siamese: I actually had the idea initially. It's a good idea at this point to wave the Danish flag. A lot of good things are happening in the Danish metal scene with Myrkur, MØL, Baest and these four acts, so I guess we wanted to highlight even more that there is something going on in Denmark right now.

Aphyxion: We’re all friends on this tour – all four bands are on the same label, and we all love to party. Also, we wanna do this tour, because it’s gonna be just a bit more comfortable than we’re used to. Touring in Europe is usually cheap ass hostels and four broken tour busses – at least that’s what is has been to us – but this is gonna be our first tour with a nightliner, and hopefully it’s gonna be just as we dreamed of.

Helhorse: Well, we are proud to be a part of the the Prime family and I think it’s about time that Europe sees the great talent of Denmark. The metal scene is really buzzing right now with a lot of awesome bands. I love the diversity of the tour and it’s going to be some great nights!

Defecto: It made great sense to us in Defecto because we already played in many of these cities back in march. Especially in the larger cities of Germany, Holland and England we got really good response and promised the audience and ourselves to get back there as soon as possible.

Did you tour before in these parts of Europe, or will this be a brand new experience for you guys?

Siamese: We have toured all cities except Helmond and Leipzig. It's going to be very interesting to see these places. Mostly it's going to be exciting to see how many come back after our last shows.

Aphyxion: Actually this is gonna be our first time in the UK. And yeah, that is weird, since it’s so close to us, and since we actually got some pretty dedicated fans over there. Gonna be great to see what that’s all about! The other countries however, we have visited and played in. Holland and Germany are great countries to play in!

Helhorse: We have been several times in all of the countries, but we really love the crowds, the clubs and the vibe of the metal scene in The Netherlands, UK and Germany. People are very responsive and dig what we are doing. We always discover new places, bands and have a great time. We love to tour and are happiest on the stage. So let go people!

Defecto: We have mostly been playing in Germany, but we also have been through a big part of Europe on a two-week support tour with the band Persefone earlier this year.

About touring and live gigs, every touring band has had good and bad experiences in this field. Can you tell us your worst and best experiences when it comes to live gigs?

Siamese: The worst was when our nightliner caught fire during a climb up some mountains in Austria. It was seven in the morning and we were all sleeping when someone came up and yelled, the bus is on fire. So what happened was that the gas pedal got stuck, so it just went full on. We could not brake. Luckily we were up hill so it was no problem. You have to imagine my face when the police said we’d have to drive the bus downhill again without using the gas pedal, and just letting it roll down the hill until we hit a service station. Some things you put yourself through to reach the next gig... it's unreal man.

Aphyxion: Oh yeah, there was our first European tour in 2012 when we were only seventeen years old. Our bus broke down in Germany, and we missed a gig in Holland or Belgium or something – and the next gig was in Portugal. We drove back home to Denmark to get a new bus and then drove 2800 kilometers to get to our gig in Portugal. I think fifteen people turned up at the show and we were completely bummed out. However, we had one of our great experiences the day after, when we played at Barroselas Metal Fest, also in Portugal, in front of hundreds of people and met a lot of new friends and fans, who we still keep in touch with today.

Defecto: The worst experience has got to be the time we got to Birmingham in the UK on the Persefone support tour. We had already been touring for ten-eleven days and almost everyone on the bus have had the flu. By the time we got to Birmingham, Nicklas (vocals) and Mikkel (drums) got food poisoning on top of that. Later that day our bass player even had to go to the hospital because of bad symptoms from his diabetes. It ended up with we had to cancel out support slot that evening and everyone in the band could get some rest. Luckily it only happened once and we hope we never have to cancel again! The best experience is luckily a bit harder to choose, as we’ve had so many great experiences! Lately the Qstock festival in Finland and the Danish Copenhell festival was some of the highlights this year.

Being part of this Danish brotherhood is of course awesome, but if you had to pick one band, no matter if they are still active or not, to do a support slot with, which band would that be and why?

Siamese: In terms of crowd I think supporting a band like Incubus would still be a boyhood dream. In terms of comparability a band like Dance Gavin Dance, Issues or Slaves would be a perfect fit. Also Dead Letter Circus, but that dream might be closer these days.

Aphyxion: Aw, that’s impossible. There’s so many – could be both Parkway Drive, Architects, In Flames… or wait. ABBA. We chose ABBA.

Helhorse: Well I have to make two choices: I would say Mercyful Fate – cause they are metal legends, and Gasolin (Denmarks first stadium rock band) because the properly partied like crazy!

Defecto: Dead or alive, I believe we would pick Metallica any day. Because they’re Metallica! Also I think many of Metallica’s fans would also appreciate our music. And you know the arenas will be sold out for the rest of their days...

Since you are all Danes, and we over here don't know so much about you and your country (accept for the fact you lot raided and invaded England ages ago and you got some good football players), please tell us what is so great about being Danish?

Siamese: I am actually a refugee from the Balkans so it gives me even better possibilities to tell people why Danes are great. For me Danish people are classy. Well behaved and they have the ability to hold in a lot. What I am trying to say is that they care. Basically we are socialists so the genuine thought of that everyone is equal no matter what, is a thing that is synonymous with the Danish way of thinking. No one is perfect and Danes are certainly not, but we do have our “hygge” and we do believe in the best in people. How else would you explain the tax pressure in our country (the biggest tax pressure in the world).

Aphyxion: We got some nice football players? That’s good to know, I don’t follow that shit. Being Danish is great because we’re very privileged with a working welfare system. Free healthcare, free schools and so on – a social security net that is actually almost working. I’m proud that we’re one of the leading countries in developing environmentally sustainable solutions – even though there’s still a very long way to go. We’re a lucky to be a small country with a low power distance.

Helhorse: Well, we have a pretty nice welfare system, great bars, beautiful women, great venues and festivals, nice beaches and pretty nature in general. I like to think of the Danes as the pragmatic bunch of the Scandi family – it can get a bit dull and sometimes we need to spread our wings a bit more and believe in ourselves. But all in all I really works, we get shit done and it a very pleasant place to live.

Defecto: As we’re only six million people in Denmark it means that when you’re playing in a niche genre (which I believe metal is in Denmark) you very quickly get to know everyone in the business. Both the bands, the managers, the promoters and many of the supporters being there at every show. Also we have cheap beer! Yay!

But of course where there is light, there is also darkness, and good and evil walk hand in hand. So, what sucks about being Danish?

Siamese: Danes are claimed to be the most happy people in the world. I believe that is because Danes settle a lot. We have trouble exceed in sports and music because we do not push hard enough. We have it a bit too good, if you know what I mean. This is further re-enforced by a thing called Janteloven (jante-law). The law (only mentally of ourse) basically states that you should never think that you are better than the next one. Did I mention that Denmark is basically a socialist country hahaha.

Aphyxion: I love my country, no doubt about it. But as in many other countries, we’re seeing a rise in nationalism – the wrong kind – and that is in my opinion not very Danish. We’re closing our borders instead of helping people in need. So without getting too political, I can honestly say that this part sucks about being Danish.

Helhorse: Defiantly the things I mentioned before. We tend to frown on ambition, and we tend to lack some imagination. Culture and art can have a hard time thriving in a very provincial environment. Also I think that a lot of Danes have become scared of the world and especially foreign influences. I get concerned that as a people we are splitting in two halves sometimes.

Defecto: As metal being a kind of niche genre in Denmark it’s generally very hard to get people out to venues and the concerts. Of course when the big guns show up at the arenas they sell out. But even 1000+ capacity bands sometimes skip Denmark on their tour because they afraid of not selling enough tickets. Even if people show up at the concert they would buy the ticket at the door which makes it a really hard time being a promoter at a venue. It’s a very Danish thing I believe and maybe it’s because of the cheap beer… Danes just want to get hammered hahaha.

Like I already mentioned you will be playing September 26th in Patronaat, a very nice venue in Haarlem (The Netherlands). What do you know about Holland, and do you think your kind of music will be appreciated here?

Siamese: I’ve heard that just like in Denmark, Holland has a fairly small metal scene. I know a couple of bands like The Royal, Hibakusha and Textures. So we are happy to have the chance to play here all things considered. I'm a huge on football so I know a lot about Dutch players, and clubs. My favorite club is Ajax. Furthermore I have been to Complexity Fest also at Patronaat. Finally I’ve grown friendships with a couple of great Dutch people over the years.

Aphyxion: We only heard good things about Patronaat. We haven’t been in Haarlem before, so we’re very excited. We know Dutch people to be very hospitable and friendly. You have some very tall men and women, and then there’s all the tulip fields. And I believe you guys have a lot of windmills, just like the Danes – right? Yeah, our music is definitely gonna be appreciated by you guys. Who doesn’t like melodic metal, man?

Defecto: Actually our knowledge about Holland is embarrassedly low. We know that Holland is a quite flat country like Denmark, has a lot of small rivers and it’s legal to smoke weed in coffee shops. We played a couple of show in Holland before, and we have had a great time each time. Very nice, down to earth people and the audience really seemed to enjoy our music.

Helhorse: Actually I lived in the Netherlands some years back, so I know Patronaat very well – it’s most definitely one of the coolest clubs in The Netherlands and it’s an honor to play such a legendary club. We have had some great times in The Netherlands and it seems to me that Dutch people and Helhorse is a good mix – you like to party and rock out – we might as well be twins!

Alright, this wraps it for now. Hopefully our readers have learned some more about the bands and are now keen to go and check 'm out for themselves. I wish you the best of luck with the tour, and if you'd like to have a go and motivate peopel to come to your show: the space below is yours...

Aphyxion: Come dance with us, guys. Dance like it was your last day on earth – it might just be. Come and dance like you mean it. Come and dance like THIS!.

Helhorse: Danish Demolition tour is one the coolest tour packages of the fall! So guys go buy your ticket and hang out us – I promise an balls out evening covering all corners of metal and rock – a night to remember most def! See you in pit!

Defecto: Thank you so much, we’re looking forward to seeing you all very soon! We of course know what we deliver as a band so come check it out before your neighbor, we promise you guys won’t be disappointed! Cheers and see y’all motherfuckers

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