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Temperance is een van de meest veelbelovende jonge bands uit Italië. Met hun spetterende mix tussen Italiaanse power metal en Scandinavische melodische metal hebben ze inmiddels vier albums gevuld, waarvan het nieuwste ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ een paar maandjes terug. Binnenkort gaat de band op tour in een mooie package met Serenity en Visions Of Atlantis als headliners. Een mooie reden om de band aan het woord te laten in Lords of Metal. Dit duurde uiteindelijk iets langer dan gehoopt omdat de band eerder op een eigen tour door Italië ging. Uiteindelijk kon er toch tijd vrij gemaakt worden door nieuwe zanger Michele Guaitoli om een en ander over Temperance te vertellen.

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Hi there, it has been two years since I spoke to the band, around the release of ‘The Earth Embraces Us All’. How are things in the Temperance camp at the moment?
Everything is going great!!! The new line-up is really enjoying the time spent together, everyone in the team is always looking forward to do the best and we’re also having great moments together both on the musical side and on our lives as friend. This is a marvellous situation!

Before we are going to talk shop about your new album, let’s turn the clock back a few months. You released a smashing live album and live DVD, ‘Maschere: Live At the Theater’. A striking release since you played the entire ‘The Earth Embraces Us All’ album integral on this show, with the support of a string quartet and a choir. Quite an ambitious move for a band that only released its second album, but it turned out very well! When did you come up with the idea for doing something like this? I’m sure it must have been one enormous amount of work?
I can answer to this questions since somehow I personally played my part in this DVD even if I was not even nearly a member of Temperance in that moment. But what I can say is that it took a lot of time, months of planning and work since when we were touring together, Overtures and Temperance. In February it was already a few months that I had a call from Marco asking me to work on the backing vocals. In the meantime he was working with the string quartet too and the entire band was setting and planning that amazing show. Again, months of work on many sides that brought Temperance to a great DVD. I really wish something similar will be possibile in the future with this line-up!

I googled the word maschere, and an old Italian opera surfaced. Does the album title have something to do with this?
Maschere is the plural of “Mask” in Italy. The specific meaning of this word refers to the mask you wear during the carnival but it’s a word with different meanings. A mask can also make you think about something you hide: you know hen “your real face is hidden by a mask” it can mean that you are a different person from what you show to the others. Another meaning of “mask” can refer to the singing technique, when a voice is well trained and the air flow is good we use to say “cantare in maschera”, that means “to sing with your mask”. It’s a beautiful word for sure, that leaves to the listener the interpretation but the second one I told you is the one that fits best with the meaning of the song ‘Maschere’, from which the DVD takes its name.

I noticed that Chiara is no longer with Temperance, same for drummer Giulio, both members from the early beginnings of the band. What happened?
Sometimes the roads of five band members simply cannot go in the same direction forever. Marco and Luca had some needs, Chiara and Giulio in different moments had different needs and when the need of one is not compatible anymore with the need of one other, well, it is very hard to go on together. Temperance is a hard-touring band, that borns and lives with the idea of serving music with the 200% of everyone’s energy, the rhythms are very high (speaking about lifestyle, not about the BPMs in the songs hahaha), there are a lot of sacrifices to be made and when the situation is like this, well, it is easy that some people thinks different within the band. What we can say now is that all the five members of the band live in the same way the entire idea of “music” in 2018. We are friends, close friends, we are partners in music and we look at the same direction. This is a luck we can be proud of.

You have closed the ranks in the band again with not one but two new vocalists being Alesia and you obviously, and of course, a new person on the battery. Please introduce the new members of Temperance to us.
Well well, Alfonso Mocerino is one of the youngest and most talented drummers you’ll find on the panorama of heavy metal today. Believe me, I’m pretty sure that there will be talks about him in the near future! Marco and Luca shared the stage with him a few years ago when one of his band played as support act for Temperance, and when the need to look for a new drummer came, he perfectly knew which door should be knocked on.

Me and Alessia, well, we know Marco and Luca since a lot of time now. With my previous band, Overtures, where Alessia was singing as backing vocalist and I was singing as lead vocalist, well, we shared the stage with Temperance something like infinite times. We had a tour together in 2017, a lot of shows together in the previous years, we toured with Secret Sphere (Marco’s previous band) in 2013 where we shared the tour bus too. As said before we are close friends, and we’ve been friends since many year, far before Chiara and the band parted their ways. When they found themselves looking for a new singer, they wanted not only someone professional enough to fit the place, but someone who could belong to the band on the emotional side too. They wanted some friends and they all agreed about the two of us both for the vocal skills and for the relationship we have. We may call it an easy choice probably.

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The title of your new album is ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’. I only got a few lyrics with my promo material, but if I interpret them quite freely, there seems to be an astro-theme running throughout the whole album as the title suggests. Am I right in this or is it just the title track that has these clear references?
The “Astro-theme” is something that fascinates Temperance since its very first albums. In every cover artwork you can see the stars, planets or something from the space. Space is something limitless, with no boundaries and something so immense that even our imagination cannot completely understand it and figure it out completely. It’s something magnificent to us, we all love this themes and somehow this concepts can be associated to a lot of songs in the album, even though ‘Of Jupiter and Moons’ is not a concept album. Most of the lyrics are not directly connected with space or astrology or astronomy. Apart from the tale told by the title track, all the songs have a different concept but elements from the “astro-theme” can be found here and there.

The details in the video clip for the title track are excellent, the two moons in the sky and Jupiter dawning on the horizon is very well done. Could you tell a bit more about this song and the clip? On which of Jupiter’s moons does the video clip supposedly take place?
Well, the lyrics written by Alessia for that song tell a story about a sort of mankind where Jupiter, as told in the tradition, is the “God of Gods”, the one ruling the universe. From his will the entire balances of the universe can be changed. The story takes place on the Earth though, but in this context the Earth is just one of the planets where life spreads its power. The videoclip is just “inspired” from the song since realising a complete sci-fi clip based on the title track would have needed Steven Spielberg and John Williams to complete the thing haha. What we did was giving blank paper to the director who took some of the main points of the lyrics of the songs and put them in the videoclip. We really think that the final result is marvellous, without going over what we are able to do, but perfectly fitting with the style of our music and the themes of the song.

Another striking song is the ‘Empires And Men’, in my view your first real ballad and also one of the better ballads I have heard lately, with amazing vocal performances by both singers. What does this song deal with?
Both means all the three singers because the amazing side of this ballad is that everyone of us, me, Alessia and Marco, is freeing its own vocal style. You can hear the complete range and colours of Marco, from the very warm and deep lows to his rough and high voice; you can hear Alessia’s gentle and ethereal voice in the very beginning, to his controlled and high range in the ending; you can here my lows and my highs, my falsetto and my strong voice. Everything perfectly fills the needs of a song talking about the essence of life and love, with the deep and complex lyrics written by Luca Negro. It’s one of my favourites too, definitely.

You are confirmed for yet another European tour in October, this time with Serenity and Visions Of Atlantis. You will play as opener on a billing of bands that play very similar music, so another chance of converting new souls to Temperance! So convince us that we should come in early during these concerts and see your show!
We really can’t wait to this tour, as much as the tour we’re having on August/September with Serenity again. We’re having the chance to play as support act for them for a lot of shows in almost the entire European field…this is great and we just have our minds already there. The thing is that this band belongs to the stage, we really feel ourselves complete when we are playing live, more than recording for sure. I really think that our songs fits the live show better than the album and yes, I am absolutely satisfied and glad about the way ‘Of Jupiter and Moons’ sounds, but it is just that we are a live band. We love to perform, we enjoy playing live more than anything else. We’re always trying to improve our live show and our performances, after every show we talk to each other to understand what can become better, and we only played 10 or 12 live shows together with this line up. That means that we can’t even contain our excitement and our will to perform!

How long you think you still have to wait before your first real headlining tour?
Well, we already have tow headlining tours indeed…we toured in 2017 (I was there with Overtures) and we toured in April/May this year supporting ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ but I’ve understand what you mean, ‘cause I’m sure you’re talking about a bigger tour. Well, what I can tell you is what I hope, and I hope it will be sooner than ever, but we really cannot answer to this question, because it depends on many things, and some of them are bigger than our will. We can only try to do the best we can, work hard, keep on playing live to spread Temperance’s name and see what the future will give us!

For a young band you have already accomplished quite a lot, four great albums, a very specials live release, playing live across Europe… What’s the next level that you will take Temperance to?
Every band, today, should keep on playing live as much as possibile. It is EXTREMELY important today. As Temperance, we must focus on this: keep on playing in the countries where we already have left something, and start reaching new countries where people still don’t know the band. We surely have to try and reach some of the bigger festivals in Europe and why not, try to reach some of the countries outside Europe too. Temperance already played in Japan and in the USA…it is very important to try to get back there with the new album and the new line-up. Again, we’ll do our best!

I believe that was all I had for you. So if there’s anything unsaid that you still want to get out there, now is the time!
Well, we HAVE to say thanks! This interview let us expose some untold sides of the band and was very intense, so thank you. Thanks to this kind of chats we can tell to those who read it what’s beyond and behind Temperance, and this is not only a pleasure, but a great thing for us and for all the bands you work with! Thank you!

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