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Satyricon staat aan de vooravond van het tweede deel van hun tour. De tour in het kader van de release van hun laatste album ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ brengt de band nagenoeg over de hele wereld. Ik vond nog even snel de tijd om contact te leggen met drumbeest Frost voordat hij zijn koffers moest gaan pakken.

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Hello Frost, how are you? I always start with the same question: where are you right now and what are you doing?
I have just been out skiing here at my home place, and Satyricon is about to go on tour in Europe again. Great.

The tour you guys did after the release of ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ is just amazing. You were on the road from the end of September until December and now you are about to start the second leg of the tour. That must be tiring, right?
It is a rather demanding type of work, I have to admit. But there is also something appealing about the challenge and the violent physicality of what we do. Like Kennedy said; we’re not doing because it is easy, but because it is hard.

In this second leg you are also going to play in Japan, Australia and the US. Is there a real difference in approach for the band playing in Europe, the US or Asia or is the show and the setlist entirely the same? And what about the audiences in the different parts of the world; do they differ?
We usually vary our setlist from day to day, independent of where we are. Our experience is that we encounter great crowds everywhere that we go, but of course there are certain places where you get a particularly great response. South America is known for its great crowds, and for a good reason. For Satyricon, the bigger cities of the world, being that in Europe, America or elsewhere, are usually fantastic places for us to go.

Something funny; a few days ago I talked to the guys from the band Oak from Norway and they told me that you have a rehearsing room right next to the rehearsal room of Oak. He told me that they sometimes hear you practice. Practice very loud….?
People keep telling me that. So I guess there might be something to it.

Is Satyricon still a two man band or are that guys you are on tour with members of the band? Can you name them please and tell us a little bit about their background?
Satyricon’s core is still Satyr and me, but we do however count the guys performing with us live as members of the live band. One of our guitar players, Steinar, has been with us for almost twenty years now, so he can rightfully be called a veteran. Our other guitar player, Attila Vörös from Hungary, entered our camp last summer. Anders Odden is our rock steady bass player and have been with us for many years now. Suffice to say they all have professional backgrounds. We have a session keyboard player at the moment, but even he has a history with Satyricon.

I saw you perform in Tilburg last September, one of first shows of the tour. I was really amazed about the fact that the band played and looked like a solid metal machine; like you guys were together for years!
To some extent, that is also true. And we always see to it that we prepare well before going on tour. Satyricon’s fans always deserve to see the band firing on all cylinders.

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In my humble opinion the ‘Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ album is the best Satyricon album to date. Obviously it differs from the earlier work of the band, on albums like ‘Dark Medieval Times’ or ‘Megiddo’. Not only does the album sound better production wise, I think the compositions are also better. As far as musical direction is concerned: do you already have an idea which direction Satyricon is going on the next album?
That is almost impossible to predict, and that is how we like it to be. We will continue to evolve and try to improve in every possible way, that is the only certain factor.

When you go on YouTube and type something like ‘black metal Norway’ you will find a lot of crazy videos. Interviews with people like Gaal, Infernus, Varg Vikernes, and so on. I would say not ordinary people, right? I struck me that you never hear or see controversial things about Satyr and you when it comes to black metal in Norway. Is that a coincidence or do you guys avoid controversial things – like arguments with other bands - on purpose?
Controversy for controversy’s sake and public drama isn’t really our style, but that being said, we aren’t afraid of being controversial.

What question did I forgot to ask and do you want to answer?
I believe you remembered them all.

Satyricon 2018 tour dates

Mar 06: Haarlem Patronaat, Netherlands
Mar 07: Paris La Machine, France
Mar 09: Glasgow Classic Grand, UK
Mar 10: Dublin The Tivoli, Ireland
Mar 11: Birmingham O2 Academy 2, UK
Mar 13: Cologne Essigfabrik, Germany
Mar 14: Frankfurt am Main Batschkapp, Germany
Mar 15: Stuttgart LKA Longhorn, Germany
Mar 17: Rome Largo, Italy
Mar 18: Treviso New Age, Italy
Mar 19: Zagreb Tvornica Kulture, Croatia
Mar 20: Budapest Dürer Kert, Hungary
Mar 22: Ostrava Garaz, Switzerland
Mar 23: Dresden Beatpol, Germany
Mar 24: Hannover Musikzentrum, Germany
Mar 25: Malmö KB, Sweden
Mar 27: Tampere Pakkahuone, Finland
Mar 28: Jyvaskyla Lutakko, Finland
Mar 29: Helsinki Tavastia, Finland
Mar 31: Oslo Inferno Festival
Apr 24: Perth Capitol, Australia
Apr 26: Melbourne Max Watts, Australia
Apr 27: Canberra Transit Bar, Australia
Apr 28: Sydney Metro Theatre, Australia
Apr 29: Brisbane The Triffid, Australia
May 01: Osaka Umeda Trad, Japan
May 02: Tokyo Daikanyama, Japan
May 13: Los Angeles Regent Theater, CA
May 14: Oakland Metro Operahouse, CA
May 15: Portland Bossanova Ballroom, OR
May 16: Seattle El Corazon, WA
May 18: Denver Marquis Theater, CO
May 19: Kansas City The Truman, MO
May 20: Joliet The Forge, IL
May 21: Columbus Alrosa Villa, OH
May 23: Toronto The Opera House, ON
May 24: Montreal Corona Theatre, QC
May 25: New York Gramercy Theater, NY
May 26: Baltimore Maryland Deathfest, MD
May 28: Dallas Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, TX
May 29: Houston White Oak Music Hall, TX
May 30: Austin Come And Take It Live, TX

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