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Nimrod B.C.

Overkill fans opgelet! Het Chileense Nimrod B.C. is zeker een band die bij jullie in de smaak zal vallen. Deze band werd opgericht op het hoogtepunt van de thrash metal hoogtijdagen in de jaren 80. Toen nog onder de naam Nimrod werd de eerste demo ‘Time Of Change’ in 1988 uitgebracht. Hierop werd aansluitend zelfs een eerste deal gesloten met een recordlabel, maar helaas werd het album nooit released en werd zelfs de gehele band op ijs gelegd. Balen zeg, want Nimrod B.C. spelen onwijs lekkere thrash metal die zo menig old-school thrash metal aanhanger hartje sneller laat slaan. Een geluk voor ons dat ze in 2004 weer bij elkaar zijn gekomen en men in 2008 dan eindelijk ook muzikaal aan de slag ging. Ze hebben echter nog steeds niet echt haast wat het uitbrengen van nieuwe muziek betreft, want het heeft echter bijna tien jaar geduurd tot ‘God Of War And Chaos’ verscheen. Over deze en andere zaken sprak ik met gitarist Christian Irarrázaval.

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Congratulations on your new album God Of War And Chaos. I had the pleasure to listen to it this month and I find it a killer thrash metal album. How have the reactions been so far, even though the album hasn’t been released yet?
Thank you for your compliments, yes we have already received excellent reviews from various media from Europe and the USA, like saying our new album is a thrash masterpiece, so we´re very happy for this great feedback.

Nimrod B.C. was founded back in 1985, but I’m afraid that not everybody in the thrash metal scene has heard from you, neither have I. Would you mind to introduce the band to our readers?
Well Nimrod B.C. is not completely unknown, we have sometime in the past were our name was known in some parts of the world after we released our demo ‘Time of Changes’ in 1988. We received great reviews, for instance from Black Thorn Magazine in Denmark, some other mags in Europe and the USA as well but especially in Japan by FETU magazine, were our demo was chosen as the demo of the year reviewing it as ‘one of the best releases in thrash history’. This is one of the reasons we received the offer to record an album by an American label. In our home country Chile we had a great follow up due to the fact that we are considered by metal heads one of the pioneers of South American metal. This year we also got awarded the “band revelation of the year” prize by the radio show ‘Solamente Rock’ (Only Rock), and we played in the best venues and biggest fest of the time, After this we put the band to sleep for a while and restarted again writing new music now in the new century with the same passion as when we were younger.

After some successes in the eighties you got the chance to record an album, but unfortunately it never happened. Could you tell us a bit about the time back then and how did it come that the debut hasn’t been recorded ?
As I told a bit before we received an offer to record an album in 1990 through our manager by the American label Wild Rags but unfortunately we didn’t recorded it. We had at the time serious problems with our drummer and he left the band. It wasn’t easy to find a new thrash metal drummer around the corner. Actually was not possible at all, also I moved to California after a while due to job reasons but there was always in my mind the desire to pursue Nimrod´s music writing and release an album.

What has changed since then, and when and why have you made the decision to start again?
Well now it´s much easier to do music everything is at hand. We have more musicians, very skilled ones, good quality instruments everywhere, software etc. When we start playing in the 80s here in Chile we were under Pinochet’s dictatorship. We had a lot of troubles putting together concerts, most of them didn’t finished as planned, most of the time our shows were interrupted by police pushing, harassing and hitting headbangers. There were no teachers for rock or metal music, we had to learn to play our instruments ourselves, and also electric guitars were really expensive and there were not much brands to choose from, just medium quality instruments and amplifiers. However, even through these difficult times we have a great scene mainly due to the fact that no foreign bands ever played here because of Pinochet, so the teenagers had to have fun with local bands like ours. We had great bands that where very different from each other like Pentagram, Massacre and Necrosis. It was usual to play every weekend in front of at least 2000-3000 people. It was fun hahaha. Well, in 2004 we made a compilation of our 80s music with fifteen tracks including the demo plus live performances plus unreleased material plus rehearsal stuff which was well received again by old and new fans. Then we got the idea to finally make an album. This came true in 2009 when we released our first album ‘Return to Babylon’, which got us really great reviews from England, Germany and the USA. This album is more power thrash oriented with some progressive touches. On vocals we got Eric Morales from Puerto Rico. He came all the way from the US, where he was living, to record in Chile. He has this special lyric style singing which gave the album a really great and different tone. If you have the time check it out on our web page or else on the Internet you won’t be disappointed. After this we thought like why don’t we go back to our primary roots: classic thrash metal with a Nimrod feel and make the successor to our acclaimed demo ‘Time of Changes’ and that´s what you have in ‘God of War And Chaos’.

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Where did you got your influences from back in the eighties ? And has it changed in the last years or did it just stay the same?
Well, I lived in Paris, France from 1980 to 1985, so I had the chance to witness this whole new wave of metal, even though I was really young, like twelve when I moved there, but went to great concerts from golden era like AC/DC during their ‘For Those About To Rock’ tour 1982, and also Motörhead with their ‘Another Perfect Day tour’, Iron Maiden and Michael Schenker (my guitar hero up until today). I saw Saxon and Judas Priest with their great tours in 1984, and this great experience touched me till this day. Then came Metallica and Slayer who drove me crazy with the speed they displayed, and after this Exodus and many others came so you can see my influences are still there. I like many other bands as well though, from Destruction to Cacophony, Mercyful Fate to guitar players that I listen most of the time until today, Gary Moore, Marty Friedman and Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore, the maestro Uli Roth and of course Yngwie Malmsteen.

You also changed your Name. What has been Nimrod is now Nimrod B.C. How does that come and what does B.C. mean?
BC means Before Christ, and talking to our singer and many American friends they told me that the name Nimrod in US means like an idiot or something like that so the name to them sounds more like a punk band. So we put the BC to give the name the right historical meaning we want. You know Nimrod is a biblical character which is the first King of the earth, a mighty giant warrior before God like said in the bible.

When I’m right your singer Gary Wayne is from the U.S. How did you come in contact with him and how does it work out? Does he still live in the U.S?
Yeah, Gary is actually from Ft. Wayne, Indiana and we met through a friend who released our previous album ‘Return to Babylon’ there. I asked him if he knew any singer who could help us in the making of our new album. He suggested Gary and we were very lucky to meet him because apart from being an awesome singer he is a terrific guy, very professional and motivated. He is as passionate as we are about our music and that shows on our new album. It was very easy to work with him. I sent the music thought the web and he returns the singing parts and the lyrics. He has great ideas and understood perfectly what we were looking for. It is a pleasure to work like this. He still lives in his hometown, in case of tour we get together and play no problem at all.

I know that ‘God Of War And Chaos’ hasn’t released yet , but what is the next chapter for Nimrod B.C., or better; what would you want the next chapter for you guys?
Actually we are working on a couple of videos to be released very soon to help promote our album. After this our plans are to get together and play live to support this new album in Europe, North and South America and maybe Japan were we have a couple of contacts. On the other hand we also want to do another album soon so we´re starting to write new songs already.

If you had to describe the meaning of thrash metal in just a few words, what would that …
Gary says: Loud and fast, in your face, head banging yeahhhh!!!

Well, I guess this wraps it up for now. Is there anything else you would like to mention or would like to share with our readers?
From Gary and me: We can´t wait to unleash this beast of an album upon the world. Stay heavy and thrash it out!!!!

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