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Come Back From The Dead

Vorige maand beviel de EP ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ van het Spaanse Come Back From The Dead me meer dan uitstekend. Prima reden dus om vocalist Paul eens aan de tand te voelen over Come Back From The Dead in het bijzonder en oldschool death metal in het algemeen…

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Hi there! Before we start, could you please introduce Come Back From The Dead to our readers?
The band began in 2008 as a studio project, with Hector and Marcos, but after a few years crawling and puking riffs they fell in a hiatus. The band resurfaced with the incorporation of each one of us during 2014. Currently CBFTD is composed by Hector (Guitars), Marcos (Drums), Miguel (Guitars), Iago (Bass), me (Paul) on vocals and with special mention to Fernando Mejuto as producer and studio technician of the band at La Cortina Roja Estudio in A Coruña. In the past, Chinín has played bass. To the date we have recorded a “demo” with two songs, ‘Apocaliptic Great Panic’ and ‘Gravediggers from Inferno’, which were recorded live and that we have only distributed to spread the band over the emails of a good number of labels. At that moment all the songs for the first LP were ready. The main goal was to find a label that would support us in the releasing of what would be our first full-length, ‘The Coffin Earth's Entrails’, which in the end was released by Black Seed Productions on LP / CD. We recently released ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ on 10" vinyl by the hands of Abstract Emotions and Mono Canibal Records and on CD and digital by Transcending Obscurity Records. Currently we are preparing more flesh for the worms of our second full-length which we can only anticipate that it is an unnamed tombstone in search of a label to release it on vinyl and everything that it entails.

Ok, with that out of the way: wow, the ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ EP really blew me away! Absolutely loved it. Before we get into it some more, could you start by explaining the EP’s title?
‘Caro Data Vermibus’ literally translated from Latin to English would be "meat given to worms" or something like this. It was a phrase used by Romans to engrave it on tombstones., You can create the word "CADAVER" if you put the first syllable of each word together. This causality has created a confusion about the true meaning of the phrase, however, both sides of the meaning either its acronym, the true meaning, or its metaphorical use, the word CADAVER, fit to the perfection with the letter of the main song that gives the title to "Caro Data Vermibus”, a total declaration of intentions of the band. The idea has always been to get a vinyl 10” at 45rpm from the beginning. The 4 tracks included on this EP are: ‘Vomits of a Demonic Infestation’, ‘Caro Data Vermibus’, ‘Endless Bloodshed’ and ‘The Carnivorous Craving From Beyond’. We choose the vinyl 10” to get the maximum efficiency, power and dynamics for the songs on this format. We wanted to bet on a different mastering away from ‘The Coffin Earth's Entrails’, so we have bet on Masters of Audio (Sweden). We can affirm that they have perfectly achieved what we were looking for, with all of this I believe that we are closer to finding our own sound now.

The EP has been out now for a couple of months, at least, if we look at the release date for the vinyl version. That has given you guys some time to look back. Are you happy with the result? Anything you would do differently, if you could go back in time to do so?
There is always the feeling of having been able to do everything better that is inevitable. The interesting, is to continue decomposing our ears in the search for the sound we really want. Recording in a studio always limits you, either for reasons of time and especially the fucking money. Turning things around a thousand times does not make much sense either. When we got to record, one of the songs was really unfinished, something was missing on ‘The Carnivorous Craving From Beyond’ and we completed the structure and sense on the fly. Complaints and the laments are for widows!

Have you played any of the new stuff live yet? Which one is your favourite to play live, or which one do look forward the most to perform live?
We have played all the songs live except ‘The Carnivorous Craving From Beyond’, as I explained earlier, it was the song that we had not finished in its structure and while the concerts were happening, the tune always stayed off the set lis. Now it's recorded, I really want to play it live. Of these last songs, although all of them have a different puke feeling, I think that the one I enjoy the most is ‘Vomits Of A Demonic Infestation’ and the one that engulfs me the most is ‘Caro Data Vermibus’, all of the others are crushing too!!!!.

Your earlier work was released through BlackSeed Productions, both the CD and the LP. The ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ CD is released through the very excellent label Transcending Obscurity Records and the vinyl version through Mono Canibal and Abstract Emotions, how did that happen?
In the case of Black Seed Productions, we are very grateful for their bet on our first LP/CD and we do not have any more words. ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ has been released on vinyl with the inestimable effort of Mono Canibal Records, which is a very small grind death label from Asturias and Abstract Emotions, a primeval old school death metal label from Catalunya which has resurfaced again as a label with this edition after a long lethargy into the limbo. We don´t really know why they bet on us but we suppose that they got addicted to our music. They slowly rot with us now!!! The idea was to release the songs only on vinyl, but during the laborious human struggle to find a label that supports the band, sending emails and surfing on internet looking for contacts... Transcending Obscurity Records got interested in our project to release it in digital and on CD. We knew that Kunal was betting on new bands and that he is an authentic Death Metal soldier, totally professional, very dedicated in what he believes and a morbid creative promoter. If some labels have bet on us, we go to death for them.

I really love the artwork by Cesar Valladares, very oldschool look and feel to it. Why did you contact him specifically for the artwork and who came up with the design?
Héctor knows César Valladares for a long time and when we had to decide who would make the album cover, we did not hesitate a single minute to entrust the work to César. He has already done the art work of our first album ‘The Coffin Earth's Entrails’. We like his way of working, whenever we talk with him, he is always in overbooking of works and assignments but he has always found a spot for us. We trust in his good deeds, his works are more and more in quantity and better one from each other. We hope he will also continue to work with us in the future. Working with César has always been very enjoyable, this last time we sent the lyrics of the song ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ and a brief description of the idea we had for the cover and in less than a week we already got what we wanted. It is a real luxury and pleasure to do projects with Mr. Death Valladares!!!! Their shading can be smelled and you can notice the viscosity of the dismembered deformities on the paper, his drawings really stink!!!!

Good oldschool death metal always gets a big, fat grin on my face. No matter how dark the subject, the lyrics, the artwork: good oldschool death metal brings me energy and joy. Is that something you recognize?
The old school death metal is very venerated for all of us and it really makes our cocks very hard but we not only masturbate our ears with this kind of hell sounds, we are quite influenced by the metal in general regardless of the nationality of its cemetery, as well as any rock style in all its extreme and mystic dark variants. The new Norwegian death metal carnage comes to mind for example. What we feel and what we all agree about, is the type of sound and how we intend to sound. We are not usually interested in bands with triggers, looped digital sounds, sounds created digitally and personally I find them more boring no matter how strong and high quality they can sound. I can appreciate the quality of the compositions, although I do not think anything new could be invented. That the music sounds real is essential and old school Death Metal in all its harshness is very real.

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I asked because one of the absolute qualities of the EP, for me, is the amount of passion and energy that can be heard throughout the four tracks. How did you manage to capture that almost ‘live’ feel (but with great sound) on the recordings? Was that something you aimed for beforehand?
We have the great help of Fernando Mejuto, owner of the "La Cortina Roja" studios in A Coruña. We could say that he is 6th member of Come Back From The Dead. It's a luxury to record with him always. We already have recorded our first album ‘The Coffin Earth's Entrails’ with Mejuto and I think that every time we record we will do it in his studio. ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ has been recorded in parts, each instrument separately. We always look for the natural sound. I personally think that we have to improve more during the mixes but within our limitations, I think we have achieved a very good result with the final cut of every song. The mastering by Hans at Masters of Audio (Sweden) has helped a lot to achieve greater performance and sound quality to the recording. Personally I would repeat the same process with the same people for our second album, without hesitation.

I often hear that a lot of oldschool death metal bands just keep repeating themselves and the oldschool gods from before. I acknowledge that oldschool death metal may not be the most renewing genre on the face of the planet, but still, I do disagree. The proof is in the fact that there are still tons and tons of fans (and bands) – both old and new - out there who just want more good, solid, oldschool death! Ok, there is a lot of mediocre stuff getting released as well, but that is with every genre. So, long intro, but here’s my question: what do you think is the most important aspect for a good, oldschool death metal album? And what is the ‘secret’ that keeps our beloved genre so very much alive and kicking?
The truth is that it costs a lot to complete a good album of high quality in the composition, the distribution of the songs... Achieving a high degree of personality that allows you to stand out and be different from the rest of the old school's death metal bands, it´s not easy, and more doing all of this without forgetting the greats: Possessed, Death, Pestilence, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Venom, Celtic Frost, Autopsy and many more ... You could consider everything previously mentioned, prove to listen to the Judas Priest's ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ and ‘Defenders Of The Faith’ albums and worship death... Maybe you could be following the right clue but... there is no trick, no formula, no secret ... At least not for us, because we weren´t able to create a master album, not yet!!!! Hahahahahahah!!! We want to play death metal our own way, as others bands do. The end result can be morbid, inaudible, disgusting, raw, emetic...but playable. It´s what keeps the death metal dead but walking.

I absolutely love the EP format. You already have a full-length out, ‘The Coffin Earth’s Entrails’ from 2014, but you went for an EP this time. What was the thought process behind that decision? And can we expect more EP’s from you guys in the future?
We wanted to make a vinyl 10" and we already have it, we wanted it in that way, we are a band of objectives, and now it will be release on digital and on CD with Transcending Obscurity, what else can we ask for? We are in full preparation of new songs for the second LP right now. We set goals, never times, fight against the clock is not recommended when you want to enjoy what you play. We have 3 new demolished songs already finished and a few faceless ideas beneath our hoods. The lyric side of the new album is already developed and the next goal is to compose a few more songs to complete the album. We have a lot of flesh to saw up. However, our coffin is always open to anyone who could propose us some killer release. Sometimes I think it might be better to continue with the same label working together as a good way to grow both sides in the same direction. In this sense, many bands release several records with the same label and it usually rules and helps to consolidate a band. We are going to continue playing and decomposing songs, everything else will come, also the death....

Speaking of the genre being alive / new and younger fans and the EP format... If you had to educate someone who is relatively new to the old school death genre, which three EP’s would you pick? I’ll help you with one: Bloodbath - ‘Breeding Death’, that one should be absolutely mandatory!
There are tons of really good EP's, it's difficult to mention only three. Death Breath – ‘Let It Stink’, Morbus Chron – ‘To Saunter Through The Shroud’, Repugnant – ‘Hecatomb’, Possessed ‘The Eyes Of Horror’, Autopsy – ‘Retribution For The Dead’, Nihilist – ‘Drowned’, Dismember – ‘Pieces’, Krypts – ‘Open The Crypt’, Bloodbath - ‘Breeding Death’, Entombed – ‘Crawl’, Ensnared – ‘Ravenous Damnation's Dawn’, Vampire – ‘Cimmerian Shade’... are some of the records that I have at home but day by day the number is so fucking vast and it´s impossible to only summarize. I´m listening to Gruesome’s ‘Dimensions Of Horror’ EP and I´m Possessed to the Death now!!! We always want more and more records, it´s one our main hobbies, play putrid death metal fucking loud!!!!!

A bunch of you are also in other bands, Nashgul, Bokluk, to name a few. Any news form your other bands or projects you would like to tell our readers about?
I'm going to answer for the others. Iago (Bass player) is on European tour with a black death metal band Lóstregos, for the presentation of their new record ‘Lendas Baixo O Luar” and remains on hiatus with Bokluk. Héctor has just returned from another European tour with Nashgul for presenting their latest album ‘Carcava’ and they will be on tour again with Osserp during December around the Spanish State. He is also active with his crust´n'roll proyect, Black Panda.

And what does the future hold for Come Back From The Dead? What plans are you working on, recordings, touring? Any shows near The Netherlands coming up?
We are with enough desire and very motivated to try to play in more gigs, festivals and if possible a tour outside the Spanish graveyard. The reality at this moment... we only have three concerts booked, December 16th in Asturias, it is a plan that we had prepared for a long time with Ovakner and we are going to execute it. Tottengot, a band from Oviedo will play at “La Lata de Zinc” too. The same band are going to play again together January 27th, 2018 at “La Nave” and it will be as the killer act to dismember ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ live for the first time in our city. On February 10th we will play again with Ovakner in the Basque Country, venue TBA. Maybe something comes out of our lands and unless someone could invite us to be part in a festival... We will try to have more activity during 2018. We are a band of objectives, not of times, deadlines. The idea of a tour, always within the possibilities of our fucking and disgusting jobs, is lobotomized in our brains, the time will come and we would be delighted to play in Holland, pilgrimage in procession with rolling eyes to fill with worms and convulsing with our pestilence your country and if the nebulas of blood align, everything could happen. The idea now is to make more songs for the second LP and we want to complete it in the middle of the year and try to release in last 2018. Our jobs and their shitty period of holidays force us to keep doing more songs. My boss always asks me if we have more new songs hahahahahah!!!

Alright, that wraps it up. Any last words? Since this interview is also a promotional vehicle for you guys, please feel free to mention anything I might have missed and you want to have in the interview. I will try to work it in somewhere above.
Thank you once more for your time, interest and dedication and above all for having offered us your support and a space within your web. To the readers only one thing, do not believe anything, judge by yourselves and if you listen Come Back from the Dead, play us fucking loud!!!! You can send your last will and testament to:… You can burst your eardrums and check merch at our bandcamp page. And the ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ can be found on several different formats via Transcending Obscurity Records and our bandcamp!

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