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Backwood Spirit

Vorige maand werd ik aangenaam verrast door de release van het debuutalbum van Backwood Spirit. Lekkere, luie bluesy hardrock van het allerhoogste niveau. Met een excellerende zanger en met goede songs die uit de pen zijn gekomen van gitarist en bandleider Kent Engström. Reden genoeg om deze laatste even te contacten om zodoende wat meer te weten te komen over Backwood Spirit.

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Hello, how are you? I always start with the same question: where are you right now and what are you doing?
Hello Wim, I´m fine thank you! First of all, thank you for having us in your mag! Right now I´m at my house outside of Örebro. My home is located near a mountain range called the Blue Mountains which are the very location pictured on the cover of our album. For your second question, this is one of those days when I don´t do anything in particular. It´s Sunday but I have been playing some guitar though. Maybe some new ideas for Backwood Spirit.

Congratulations on the release of your debut album ‘Backwood Spirit’. I have to admit, I was completely blown away. It has been a while since I have heard such a great bluesy, laid back, old school rock album. Is the album released worldwide? And if so, how is the response so far from both the press and the audience?
Thank you very much! I´m happy to hear that. So then we have a receipt for that our Backwood brew are really tasty. Yes, it´s a worldwide release and we are very happy with the work that our record company are doing. The response on the album is just fantastic from the press with great reviews, and people from different countries are giving us a good word. It´s very cool. The album has only been available since late April but we have a good feeling.

Can you please tell our readers a bit more about Backwood Spirit. Is it a real band or is it a project? A little bit of background of the members?
BWS is certainly a real band! Our intension is to bring our music to a live audience and to keep up the good work. I´m very happy to play with those guys, they´re all very fine musicians. Joje Lindskoog, the drummer is an old friend and we´ve been doing other stuff together earlier. Peter Emilson, our keyboard player was in a band called Crossroad Jam in the nineties together with Joje. Peter is not heard on the record, where the Keyboards was played by Tobias Åslund. Niclas is a friend of ours and he was joining BWS during the recording process. We asked Göran to join pretty much during the same time. Nothing was finished at that time but Göran really liked what he heard. He has a passion for this type of music and it´s like “mothers milk” as he said himself.

Of course we all know Göran Edman for his work with bands like Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman and Karmakanic but I think I have never heard him as inspired as on this album. It seems like the older he gets, the better!
In Görans case, yes! He has the most extraordinary voice and I think that the passion and expression we can hear in his singing is a part of the fact that this is something he really haven´t had the opportunity to do that often. I think that BWS brings out a different side of Göran as a singer. We´re very pleased to have him with us.

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I really like the laid back songs on the album. Tracks like ‘Ain’t Got Love’, ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Get Your Wings’. Songs in which we hear the sound and atmosphere of bands like Bad Company, Riverdogs and Black Crowes. A big compliment for a band from the cold from Sweden?
Thank you and yes, It´s very flattering to be compared with these kind of bands of course. I mean, those are big names that have meant a great deal to heavy blues rock and if we´re somewhere close to that it´s a real honour! We may be from the wrong country so to speak, but musically as a songwriter it always comes very naturally to me.

How did the songs came about? Jams during rehearsals or were the songs already completely written by Kent Engström? I think they were already written but still they do sound like jams, which is great.
I did write the songs before we went into the studio. They are written over a period of time like ten years or so. I did demos of all songs when I had something ready and when Joje and I was forming BWS we took the songs to a higher level. Some of the tunes were written quite recently before recording, like when ‘Love Comes Around’ and ‘Take Me Home’. ‘Ain´t Got Love’ and ‘Piece Of The Peach’ are older songs, to mention a few.

Is there a market in Sweden for this kind of music? Are there enough venues where you can play this kind of music? I know there is a big AOR scene in Sweden, but I do not know if they are also this kind of more bluesy music?
I believe there is. The response that we get on the album this far are really good. The kind of reaction we usually have from people is that BWS are a bit different compared with other bands who are into vintage rock, in a positive way. Like we´re taking it all the way back to the good ol´ days. Back to the origins. So yes, I definitely feel that we have a market in Sweden.

Are there any plans for going to play live shows? And if so, when and where? And are there plans for a second album?!
Yes, we´re planning for live shows and working on that right now. We do have some things going so we´ll see what happens. While we´re planning for live shows we are also doing new material for a follow up. In fact, some songs are pretty much finished, and they´re good ones!

To wrap it up: What question did I forgot to ask and do you want to answer? Where would you like to go on tour?
Since both Göran and Joje has toured the Netherlands earlier and had a great time I would say that if we could choose were to go on tour, The Netherlands would be on the list. I know that Joje played the Dynamo Fest back in the nineties. He has just good memories from your country, so the Dynamo Metal Fest would be something!

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