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Death metal uit Zweden met een geluid dat niet typisch Zweeds is. Wij vinden het goed en de band Ensnared (of NSNRD zoals de band het zelf schrijft) zelf uiteraard ook. Na de prima release ’Ravenous Damnation’s Dawn’ uit 2013 keert de band terug met het fantastische album ‘Dysangelium’. Een goede reden om drummer JK wat vragen voor te leggen.

Door: Pim B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hi JK, great to see you guys have returned with your first full-length. Before getting into that could you introduce Ensnared a bit to our readers? A lot of them probably haven’t heard of you guys before. So, tell us a bit more about starting out as Gravehammer, burying that act to rise from the grave as the new entity we now know as Ensnared around 2009/2010.
Cheers. Gravehammer started around 2005, something like that. Me (JK) and HK started to play covers like ‘Troops of Doom’ and ‘Antichrist’ from Sepultura. We brainwashed some childhood friends into listening to extreme metal, we found DÖ, who was only twelve at the time, who played guitar up until the NSNRD demo. We played maybe five-seven gigs, mostly in Gothenburg, released some demos and a 7”. After before-mentioned 7”, me, HK and DÖ got rid of the other guys and started up NSNRD as a three-piece.

Doing my research for this interview it seems that the current line-up consists of 2 members? Is that correct? And if so, what happened to the other guys (who are both also in Trial)?
I can’t go into details too much for the moment, but it is correct that JK and HK are the only members of NSNRD as for now. I’m not sure what happened to the other guys, they’ve been busy with other things.

So, what line-up actually recorded ‘Dysangelium’?
‘Dysangelium’ was recorded by HK, JK, AE and AJ.

band imageThere’s quite some time between the release of this album and the EP ‘Ravenous Damnation’s Dawn’ that came out in 2013. Are you such slow composers or is there any other reason for this?
Slow composition in combination with the release and production taking its sweet time. But we never feel the need to satisfy a starving audience, we have opium for the masses and we will make it available to the public when we feel like the time is right. I would rather release things with some years in between every release, then to just shit out mediocre things in order to stay relevant.

A thing that one right away can hear is that you’re not a typical Swedish death metal band in the sense that you don’t have that Swedish sound of bands like Dismember, Grave or Entombed. Of course there’s plenty other Swedish bands that sound different, but you guys seem to draw inspiration from sources I would call atypical. Can you shed a bit of light (or darkness for that matter) on your influences?
Correct, the typical Stockholm-sound was never anything that appealed to us. I preferred Grotesque and Treblinka. Sarcofago has always been a huge influence, Venom, Necrodeath, Vader- Morbid Reich, things like that. Music with real hate and intensity.

Can you tell a bit more about the inclusion of the interludes on the album?
The first interlude was a piece that HK used for meditation purposes on his own time, which him and I soon started experimenting with in the rehearsal-space. The idea soon came to play interludes in between the songs live, in order to encourage the audience to stop laughing and joking around and to actually focus on what was taking place. The interludes are on the EP and on the new album as well, they provide contrast to the rawness of the actual songs. Songs that makes you want to murder, and interludes that makes you want to murder yourself.

’Dysangelium’ sounds raw and intense but is really well-produced at the same time. Can you tell a bit more about the recordings? Where did you record? Did record all tracks one at a time or was it more or less live-recording with overdubs? Spill the beans please.
We recorded at Black Path Studios, a studio owned by the guys in RAM from Gothenburg. It was recorded live with overdubs more or less, with no metronome or triggers. We just wanted to make the sound as raw and overwhelming as possible. Our ambition is to make the next release even more extreme.

We already mentioned ‘Ravenous Damnation’s Dawn’. How would you describe your progress from that EP to the current album?
It’s hard to point out the progress when you’re in the eye of the storm, but maybe the music has matured a bit? And the vocals are of course different, since HK took over after the madman JS.

’Dysangelium’ is a co-release between Ireland’s Invictus Productions and Dark Descent Records from the USA. How did that come together and is it easy to deal with two labels at the same time?
Yeah, so far there’s been no problem at all.

I personally have seen you guys perform at Hell’s Pleasure in Germany in 2014. It does seem you guys do not perform live a lot. Will you do more gigs now this full-length is out?
We’ll have to sort out a complete line-up first. So no, we probably won’t be playing live in the near future.

That’s all from this side. Anything else you’d like to add?
Tusen döda barn och en rostig kniv. Thanks for the interview.

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