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Vijftien vragen van Horst. De rubriek in Lords Of Metal waarin we de heren (of dames) artiesten eens een keer wat anders vragen dan de geijkte zaken ontrent nieuw plaatwerk en optredens. De spelregels: Op mijn lijstje staan 50 vragen. Daaruit heb ik er zelf 15 geselecteerd die de artiest in kwestie mag beantwoorden. Hij/zij mag echter ook gewoon op goed geluk 15 cijfers tussen de 1 en de 50 roepen en de daarbij behorende vraag beantwoorden. Het slachtoffers deze maand was John Kevill, zanger van het Amerikaanse Warbringer, de band van wie recentelijk de geweldige thrash kraker ‘IV: Empires Collapse was uitgebracht. Hij ging voor de vragen die ik had uitgezocht.

Door: Horst | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

When was the last time you were raging mad?
Yikes man, that's personal. Life has been rough lately, alas!

In which land besides your own country would you like to live for a year?
Well, I'll name a few, Japan, Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore. I've been to all those places and quite liked all of them, but I've never lived outside of California so it would be quite a change!

Which piece of art (book, painting, sculpture, son, CD) would you like to have made?
Hmmm, I suppose I'd pick the painting ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’ by Jaques-Louis David, I saw the real thing once at the Getty Museum here and it is massive and epic, though apparently Napoleon most likely crossed those mountains on a donkey, not a mighty steed.

Do you rather hang out with man or woman?
Usually dudes are better for just hanging with, slamming beers, and talking about random stuff. However, if we are talking a sexy, intelligent woman, that is far better than the company of dudes. Gotta love the babes.

Which big company or institution would you like to be chairman of?
Apple, I guess, because they can basically print money. For the record, I'm a Windows guy.

band imageWhat would you like to change about your youth?
Damn, you guys are getting personal here! Well I had a good upbringing, just too much family tension. I would change that.

When was the last time you got drunk?
I drank some beers yesterday, ha! But if you mean really truly drunk, I try to keep it at a low roar, so it has been a long time. I think it was at the Baden in Blut festival in the south of Germany. There was a tap with endless beer, and we played in the late afternoon so by late night I am fucking hammered. I was talking to a pretty Swiss blonde gal, making ridiculous jokes, and eventually I had to find my hotel room, which took fucking forever. I passed out extremely hard after.

Which part in which movie would you like to have played?
Conan the Barbarian? Han Solo? Basically any badass adventuring type character. Also maybe the Spaniard from the Princess Bride. "HALLO! MY NAME IS INYEGO MONTOYA, YOU KILL MY FATHER, PREPARE TO DIE!"

On what do you spend most of your money?
Basic living expenses like rent, food and gas. Nothing too exciting! Sometimes I get to go somewhere or go have a beer, but I live a pretty simple life.

Are there, according to you, subjects where people shouldn't joke about, or make fun of?
Racist, sexist, etc jokes, I've heard ‘em all, dead baby jokes, none of that stuff shocks me. I think it's mostly context, who’s there and how people will take it. Also joking about real, actual death seems somehow wrong to me. Like laughing at internet gore photos, stuff like that, I was never into that and it just seems shitty. That person actually died! I find this reprehensible due to my own fear of death; an eternity of nothingness is terrifying. (I don't believe any myths).

Which TV show should be removed immediately from the screen?
I don't watch TV, hardly at all. South Park is pretty much the only TV show I watch, and I use the internet for that! But in general, reality TV is pure culture-rot. Take it all off the air, especially anything that has "Housewives" in the title.

Which celebrity’s death shocked you most? (Please motivate)
People die, it's not shocking. But I'd say I was most saddened by the death of Ronnie James Dio, who I never got to see in concert.

You're allowed to invite four persons, dead or alive, I don’t care, for a dinner-party. Who would they be?
I would pick great and mighty generals throughout history, and hear great tales of battle and conquest. Julius Caesar, Hannibal Barca, Erwin Rommel and Genghis Khan.

What was your worst ever made decision?
Well, I'm not going to put out deep personal regrets to the press! We all have things we wish we had done differently in life. I wish that I had fleshed out some other career in such a way to support my music, before going gung-ho on touring, but you can't change things that already happened!

When did you lie for the last time?
Down in bed, last night, hahaha. I try not to lie, and to be very truthful and straightforward with everyone. I don't remember the exact last time I lied, but it's happened, I sure as hell ain't perfect.

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