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Cult Of Luna

Al meer dan tien jaar breekt het Zweedse Cult Of Luna door de geluidsbarrières met hun eigen interpretaties op het postmetal genre. En tot voor kort was elke plaat op zich weer een nieuwe mijlpaal. Tot met het vorige 'Eternal Kingdom', waar de klad er een beetje in leek te komen. 'Vertikal' was voor mij als fan dus echt een “make or break” punt en gelukkig trekt het mij weer volledig over de streep. Met de stad als nieuwe inspiratie bron heeft de band ook qua sound een compleet nieuwe invalshoek aangeboord. Drummer Thomas Hedlund ziet de toekomst dan ook rooskleurig tegemoet.

Door: Jasper | Archiveer onder different metal

How is Cult Of Luna doing these days?
We're doing great, thank you! Enjoying a very fun European tour, supporting our album. People have been very friendly and positive everywhere, so we're happy.

It's good to have you back guys! You have just released your new album 'Vertikal' this month, how does it feel to be back?
It feels amazing! We're super proud of what we've accomplished and are excited to share it with people.

Could you explain why you stopped touring for a while? Did it hinder the writing process?
It was a conscious decision. We needed to reload and find some new paths to walk down. We wanted to take our time. And the fact that we didn't have a record label at the time allowed us the possibility to do things in our own pace.

Can you tell me a little bit about the process of making 'Vertikal'; was it “hard work” or were you overflowing with inspiration?
I think this is the smoothest recording process we've ever had. It was very inspired in every single way. We were really on the same page and had so many ideas we wanted to try.

The new album is inspired by 'Metropolis', a movie about a city. It's therefore quite a contrast with 'Eternal Kingdom', which dealt more with nature and animals. Was that a conscious decision? And could you describe the process of finding this new theme?
We wanted to explore something different on this album. And after having done two albums with a more organic feel, if you like, it felt natural to move towards the city. We tried to find different works of art to spark our imagination, and point out a creative direction for us.

Did you consciously make the music sound more mechanic to fit with the theme? For instance by the use of keyboards?
Yes, we did. The keyboards have been an important part of our sound for a long time, but now we wanted to push it even further. It allowed Anders, who plays keyboards, to go a little more wild with textures and melodies. And it turned out great.

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There is more use of electronics on the album, I hear touches of early eighties pioneers like Kraftwerk, did you get more into that kind of Music lately?
No, some of us have always listened to that kind of music. It wasn't new to us at all.

Are you releasing more “words”, apart from the regular lyrics this time like with 'Eviga Riket'? Or is the album more about the music itself this time?
We have no plans on making a book this time around. Right now we want to focus on the music, especially from a live point of view.

Could you give me an idea who we can expect to be in Cult Of Luna when you hit the European stages? Will Klas Rydberg be back for instance? And who will be the drummer? Don't you feel like the band would need a stable line-up?
The seven of us who make up this band have been part of Cult of Luna for a very long time, a few from the very beginning. So the line-up is pretty stable. Claes, on the other hand, have left the band permanently. I play the drums on the album, as usual, and live both me and Magnus play. The crowd can expect to see a band that are super excited and humbled to be able to play their music to people throughout Europe. It still amazes us that people come out to see our shows.

You allegedly made a statement against conservative Music industry in the past (Marching to the Heartbeats), yet the way you released albums ever since stayed somewhat conventional. In what way are you progressing in the way your music is distributed, and will your label Indie Recordings for instance pursue uploaders of the new album?
I don't think they will pursue any uploaders. At least I hope not. We're constantly thinking about ways to spread our music and art in a way that people will find rewarding. Such as Eviga Riket.

Are you still very busy with side-projects? Anything you would like to share?
All of us are quite busy with other stuff, both musical and "regular" work.

You've been a band for quite some time now, playing the kind of music you play. Could you try to explain what keeps you motivated? Does it ever become “work” to you?
Playing music as work is not a bad thing if you ask me. And it's not something that should be used as opposed to being motivated. Not saying that you did, though. We treat this as work in the way that we are focused and determined not to stop pushing forward until we've reached our artistic goals.

Of you have anything to add, please do. Thanks a lot for your time!
Take the best of care of each other and see you out there!

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