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Naar een B-kanten en rarities album luisteren als muziekliefhebber is toch een beetje uit de vuilnisbak eten van een band. In het geval van Kylesa is zelfs dat echter nog een waar genoegen. Dat is dan ook de reden om wat meer aandacht te besteden aan 'From The Vault Vol. 1'. Gitariste Laura Pleasants was zo vriendelijk om haar licht te laten schijnen over de afzonderlijke tracks.

Door: Jasper | Archiveer onder different metal

Hi Laura! How is Kylesa doing these days?
Hello Jasper. We are quite busy as usual. We are heading into the studio in a few days to record a new studio album.

You've just released an album of covers, demos and rarities, was that something you already planned or did the label come up with the idea?
It's been a couple of years since 'Spiral Shadow' so we wanted to have something for the fans to enjoy between albums. It was our idea. It is a collection of old songs, re-recorded / alternate versions of older songs spanning from 2004-2006, two covers that were never released, one brand new song, and songs that have been sitting around unfinished / unused for years (that we finished). We chose the songs that we felt best represented a span of time in our career while sounding cohesive together. We wanted the songs to flow together like an album or a good mix-tape. 'Volume I' indicates that this will indeed be part of an ongoing series.

And what does the “vault” look like in real life?
Haha. The 'Vault' consists of 2” tape recordings and hard drives and a lot of dust and mystique.

band imageCould you please add some personal comments on the choice of songs, context, time of recording and funny/special memories you have of it?

We have been doing this as the intro to our live set so we thought it would be cool to inlcude as an introduction to the record.

Inverse A much older song that we never did vocals for. We ran into our old friend Chris Bickel while in Columbia over July 4th at a bar. It was so good to see him and for those of you who don't know, he did guest vocals on our first 7” and our self titled album that came out in 2002. Hence, we thought it apt that he come over on our country's Day of Indepence and lay down some sick vocals over this heavy song. He really made the song come alive. Chris has been a key figure in the Columbia punk /hardcore scene for years – he was in the band InHumanity and Guyana Punchline.

111 Degrees Heat Index
This used to be a crowd favorite and a set closer. Originally on a 7” ep on Prank Records from 2004. The 7” is out of print and we always thought the recording could be better. This was a fan favorite for a few years so we thought we should bring it back. It was also a pivital point in our song writing at the time.

Between Silence And Sound II
We always thought this song could have been better as it had a lot of potential. I really like the new version a lot.

Paranoid Tempo
Again, an older song that didn't have vocals. This song lyrically is very heavy but the music is kinda poppy – a nice juxtapostion.

End Truth
The new song. I have never been happier with my guitar tone.

Bottom Line II
This song is originally from our second full length 'To Walk A Middle Course' however, it has been a regular in our set for years. We decided to record it how we play it live – a bit faster and dirtier than the original.

Another song we dusted off and added vocals to. Not a typical Kylesa song but it jams nontheless.

Bass Salts
Eric is a zombie from Miami.

Cover of Buzzoven's 'Drained'. Heavy and anguished. The original has a long bad-ass sample from Kubrik's film Full Metal Jacket but we were afraid to use it in fear of getting sued.

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
LOVE EARLY FLOYD. We had been playing this live for a while and wanted to record it. All of the guitar parts are improvised. This is from 2007 or so.

Drum Jam
Eric and Carl are bad-ass and I feel like I'm running through a jungle while listening to this. It was the B-side to a 7” Hyperrealist put out before 'Static Tensions” dropped. The A side is Unknown Awareness.

You are also re-releasing two of your albums, right? What can you tell me about those and why have you decided to change the artwork, I loved it!!!
'TWAMC' is remasterd and 'TWFIW' is re-mixed and remastered. Because of this, we thought it would be cool to have new artwork that reflected the old. We are total vinyl nerds.

When are you coming back to Europe?
2013, I imagine.

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