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A Life Once Lost

A Life Once Lost zal wel altijd de Meshuggah van de Verenigde Staten blijven. Lang hebben ze deze status bevochten, maar met het nieuwe album 'Ecstatic Trance' lijken ze het eerder te omarmen en hoe paradoxaal dat ook klinkt ontstaat juist daardoor een meer eigen geluid. Met toevoegingen uit Krautrock en psychedelica probeert de band de luisteraar tot de album titel te brengen en dat lukt aardig! Zanger Robert Meadows heeft aan dit verhaal verder niet heel veel aan toe te voegen.

Door: Jasper | Archiveer onder different metal

Hi Robert! How is A Life Once Lost doing these days?
I am doing well, thank you.

First of all, I checked out your website and...erm...ew! What have you got to say for yourselves!?
Obviously, someone hacked it. Be sure to visit the our new website. What someone hacked does not represent what we've built during our careers.

Did you ever check out that what you pictured when you thought of the band name?
We ended up losing the rights to the domain name. I don't think I've ever looked at it since we lost it.

Your new album 'Ecstatic Trance' has made an unexpected turn to the psychedelic! How come? Anything you experienced in that direction lately?
I think it's just the progression with our band and life. Doug pulled a lot of influence from the Krautrock, English prog rock and North African funk scene. The spectrum of growth with our influences exploded and its very clear with this release.

The difference between the previous album 'Iron Gag' is quite huge! That was a more song-oriented record with 'Firewater...' as a highlight while 'Ecstatic Trance' is moving away from that to focus more on repetition. Was that a conscious decision during songwriting?
It's a drone. You fall into a trance while listening and the leads/solos allow for more of a visual experience.

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Personally I even got the feeling this record is more like your earlier album 'A Great Artist' aesthetically, in that respect that it has stronger Meshuggah-influences than ever, would you agree? It's just that this time you put a more drugged-up vibe to it ;)
We tune down to b sharp and the drone riff style allows for the similar ALOL tag. I guess it's more drugged out but we are the farthest thing from being a junkie.

Tell me how you usually write songs, and what was different this time in respect to 'Iron Gag'?
Instead of four people writing, it's only the two of us.

People have always had a hard time trying to put you guys in a certain “scene” be it metalcore, underground, mainstream...but where do you fit best? Which bands would you consider as kindred spirits?
We are a metal band. We pull influence from various groups such as Can, Fela Kuti, King Crimson, Kraftwerk, Neu, Ashra Temple.

What is the best description somebody ever gave your music? And the worst?
The best, I am not sure. The worst, djent.

Could you relate your lyrics to the music style and artwork? Or was the artwork made with just the music in mind?
The music ties in with the artwork easily but you have to look at the lyrics from a different side to see the comparison between the two.

What about touring? When will you hit The Netherlands?!
Hopefully soon.

You've been around for quite a while now. Can you name me the most important things that changed for you as a professional musician over the years? Would you say the changes are for better or for the worst?
How I approach life and the stage. Not one second is wasted.

Do you have any future dreams/hopes to share?
Just to be happy.

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