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Fury 161 - Los Reyes De La Carretera

Fury 161 - Los Reyes De La Carretera

Label : Tear It Up Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Frank D. : You hear it all the time: "The only bands that play good old fashioned rock'n roll are from Sweden and Norway nowadays.” But now, we have a Dutch answer! The name of this post punk monster is Fury 161, also known as the galloping consumption.

With a vigorous sixties garage punk sound which brings back memories of greats like The Pretty Things, Thirteenth Floor Elevators and The Sonics the band races through the seven tracks on the MCD 'Los Reyes De La Carretera'. Whether it is due the background vocals during 'Playing Tricks', the organ of Don Derdag or the typical vocals of Don De La Tourette stays unclear, but the picture of a band that declares war on the "Happy Days” music in a garage in a sleepy suburb in 1966's Dallas pops into mind and is there to stay. Fury 161 sounds authentic, but original at the same time. Tracks as 'Git Some' and 'Bad Boy Boogie' prove that sounding old fashioned doesn't have to be a negative thing. Even more, in a time that every band seemingly wants to sound like Motörhead or Zeke it is quite refreshing. Compliments are in order.

In conclusion, Rotterdam based Fury 161 comes up with a catchy record, which is going to frequent my CD player a lot this summer.

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