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The Filth Hounds - Hair Of The Hound

The Filth Hounds - Hair Of The Hound

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Yes, obviously they write about it themselves: listening to the album 'Hair Of The Hound' by The Filth Hounds brings you back to the early 80's. Back to the moment in time when bands like Saxon, Judas Priest and other big English bands started to be successful. And these four guys from England are therefore proud to return to that good old time.

Unfortunately their music does not reach the level of the great English inspirers in any way. The album opens nicely with the nice up-tempo song 'Attack', in which we hear riffs from Priest and Maiden. But then it goes incredibly wrong. The following 'Jack's Nightmare' is a terrible bad song with awful lyrics and terrible vocals. Also 'Tonight' sounds awful: boys, this is really from 'rehearsal room' level. Is that twinsolo not just played falsely? A throbbing mouth is 'Dead Man's Eye' while the one-and-a-half minute of 'S.T.B.' is the highlight of the album. Just an acoustic guitar piece. Thank you for that. But just listen to the drum intro of 'Keep The Pain Alive'; that is just not good enough guys. The sound of the album is also very bad: it all sounds very amateurish, especially in terms of vocals and drums. No, this band has to continue to practice and for the time being do not bother the listener with this type of product.

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