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Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up

Paranoid - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up

Label : The Sign | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : There are bands that really want to convey their love of music to the audience. The Swedish band Paranoid has a huge love for Japanese hardcore (and not for Black Sabbath if that was the first thing that you think of looking at their bandname) and their bandname is even in Japanese and the song titles are also in that language, and I have not yet figured out what they mean. You just have to dig through Google Translate to find the meaning of songtitles like 'JIKEIDAN' and 'SYUUGEKI'. The combination of hardcore, punk, rock and roll with a touch of black metal sounds raw and simplistic, but in a positive way, it's simplicity with an intention and not because they can not do better because their control over their instruments is excellent and the simple riffs are catchy and heavy. The so-called 'D-Beat' style, a form of hardcore that apparently has been invented by the band Discharge, is clearly a style that truly comes to life on the stage which is why Paranoid should be heard and watched in a live setting. The shows of this band are supposedly legendary, if you believe the internet that is. The sound is raw, with the necessary sharp edges, so be careful not to get hurt while listening to 'Heavy Mental Fuck Up'. It is not entirely my style, but I can certainly appreciate the energy and directness of the band and their sound. And go and see them live!

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