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Alien Weaponry - Tu

Alien Weaponry - Tu

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Goddamn, this is good! New Zealand, better known for its Lord of the Rings setting than for its metal is not a country with a massive metal background; Ulcerate might be one of the few bands from the island that have truly made an impact recently. Alien Weaponry is here to let the world know that there’s more and their new release ‘Tu’ shows a fearless, angry and focused trio. The three teenagers (!) have created a debut (!) that’s ferocious in its thrash and crushing in its hardcore. My god, don’t let this one slip.

The first thing of note are the vocals and the lyrics, which are mostly in the native tongue Te Reo Maori – the language of the native Maori tribes that inhabited the island long before Europeans discovered it. Vocalist/guitarist Lewis de Jong shows his colors and impresses with his delivery; it’s as if the man knows no fear and his vocals show his fierce passion. He hits some very impressive notes in the choruses as well and while his hardcore-ish shouts might get repetitive, it’s not easy to ignore his prowess. The riffs on the album remind me most of the crushing hardcore we heard in the 90s, combined with modern thrash metal. Production-wise, it all sounds very crisp and that’s quite a feat. Songs like ‘Raupatu’, ‘Whispers’ and ‘PC Bro’ show a very old school take on the sound and the use of traditional instruments (sampled or not, I don’t really care) are a very welcome addition to the formula. This is worth your time 100%, do not sleep on this!

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