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Euphoria - Operation Genesis / The Omega Void

Euphoria - Operation Genesis / The Omega Void

Label : Evil EyE Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Euphoria (Detroit, U.S.A.) is a brand-new act to me but obviously appearances are deceiving sometimes. ‘Operation Genesis’ was originally released in a digital and a limited edition CD format in 2016 whilst ‘The Omega Void’ was released in a digital only format in 2017. Now both releases see the light of day through Evil Eye Records. You might know them from releases with Impalers, Nightlord, Maniac Abductor, Divine Chaos and most of all Lich King.

Justin Kelter (vocals), Bubba Colonna IV (lead guitars), Louie Badalament (drums), Eric Lemmon (rhythm guitars) and George Ford (bass guitars) play thrash metal with sci-fi / cosmic lyrical themes. Some of you might assume Euphoria are comparable with Vektor or DVC now, which isn’t a bad comparison at all. Euphoria however isn’t a band that is easy to put a label on because their influences range from NWOBHM to (classic) thrash metal. Anyway Euphoria is a great band with a good sound and a great vibe. Thrashers beware!

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