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Pänzer - Fatal Command

Pänzer - Fatal Command

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Panzer, formerly also known as “The German Panzer”, started off as a project with vocalist/bassist Schmier (Destruction), guitarist Herman Frank (Victory, ex-Accept) and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (a.o. ex-Accept) with the sole purpose to resurrect the real metal. The first result was the powerful ’Send Them All To Hell’, on which the band did exactly what they had set to do. In 2016 Frank left the band in order to fully concentrate on his solo band. A replacement was found in the Swiss guitarist V.O. Pulver (a.o. Gurd, Poltergeist), but the band also immediately recruited a second guitarist; Hammerfall’s Pontus Norgren. With a now international line-up the band has gotten rid of “The German” part and continues as Pänzer.

Almost three years after the debut the band will release its second album, ‘Fatal Command’, this month. Musically little has changed since the last album, and on many fronts the gentlemen simply continue on the same path. However, in comparison with the first album, ‘Fatal Command’ has become an even more traditional metal album in general. And with now two guitarists in the band, and with the original idea to wanting to resurrect real heavy metal in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this album is even more guitar-focused. Well, with Schmier in the band the thrash influences are of course inevitable, but in general we do have a lot more traditional heavy metal here.

And well, what else can we say about this record? With a line-up like this little can go wrong, and needless to say that these veterans have already proven many times that they damn well know how real metal is supposed to sound. And so this record is another Valhalla of powerful, sharp riffing, catchy guitar melodies and beautiful solos, catchy vocals, sturdy rockers, melodic passages, and up-tempo, thrashy neck-breakers. Schmier of course simply sounds like Schmier, and despite the fact that the music contains tons of melody, his voice makes sure that the total picture remains furious and wrought-up at all times; which is exactly what we like to hear from the gentlemen. So don’t expect anything new or shocking here, but simply good and sincere, and above all pure (heavy) metal, that despite its old-school character still sounds fresh and contemporary. Just like its predecessor, ‘Fatal Command’ is delightfully diverse, and therefore doesn’t bore by a long shot, and also meets the demand on the sonic and visual level. Shortly put: simply a tasty metal record.

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