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River Of Souls - The Well Of Urd

River Of Souls - The Well Of Urd

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : A new Dutch doom band consisting mainly of veterans from the metal scene. From those in the line-up the one that catches the eye most is guitar player Paul Beltman for me. I remember him as drummer of death metal bands Judgement Day and Sinister. River Of Souls delivers fifty minutes of death doom spread across six songs. The death doom is melodic yet also heavy and harbours influences from beyond the usual suspects. At times some progressive stuff can be discerned and also even something folky. Listen especially to ‘Soilsorcer’ which isn’t only straight up death doom but also shifts up a couple of gears and later on shifts back a few gears to something almost acoustic only to pummel right ahead again. The dynamics in that song are awesome. And it has guitar lines at the start that almost remind me of the Guitar Masters of the late Eighties. ‘Soilsorcerer’ is the highlight of this very strong debut album for me. Hopefully the band will play live soon. On the production front everything is just fine as well. A nice and full sound and clear and nowhere distorted. Everything accentuated at just the right moment. I am sure that the band will also gain attention and praise on an international level.

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