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Thyrant - What We Left Behind

Thyrant - What We Left Behind

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : How ‘What We Left Behind’ by Thyrant reached yours truly? I haven’t got the foggiest. Herr Horst must have posted it in a moment of mental breakdown. I thought he knew that modern groovy so-called melodic death metal and I aren’t the best of friends, to put it mildly. Okay, all prejudices aside and let’s give this debut album from Spain a fair chance. What catches the ear is that it all sounds as tight as a duck’s ass, but that it also sounds quite soulless. Well, that’s the problem with 99% of modern day productions. Pro tools (or whatever) for the loss. It pummels away nicely, but doesn’t get memorable. This close but no cigar kind of metal we come across way too often. ‘What We Left Behind’ is not an album I will return to. However, it is one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys this sort of groovy melodic semi death metal.

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