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Blue Sky Theory - Cassandra

Blue Sky Theory - Cassandra

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Ben Schön had enough of it in 2014. Of what you ask? Of playing covers. And so he began writing his own songs. He found some kindred spirits but only after singer Patrick Timmermann in October 2015 joined the new band, all the right things came together. And wham, half a year later Blue Sky Theory releases its debut album 'Cassandra'. A meritorious album!

The five-piece band from Bremen plays modern metal. We hear heavy pounding songs, very occasionally the band goes up tempo and even the traditional power ballad (‘This Day’) is not missing. But above all the music of Blue Sky Theory sounds groovy! Singer Patrick appears to be able to bend his voice to the tone that each specific song requires. He has range, he has melody, power and he sings almost without an accent. Who also impresses is drummer Fabian Korbjun. In a very convincing way he knows how to play the most ingenious patterns in the already complex song structures of the band. Packed in a nicely designed digipack we hear nine pleasant metal songs performed by a very talented band. For me the band should add some really fast tracks, because that would certainly improve the diversity in music. And I have a feeling that these guys know how to play up tempo songs also effortlessly. Convincing debut!

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