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Dimholt - Liberation Funeral

Dimholt - Liberation Funeral

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : It seems that I have been getting an increasing amount of releases from Eastern Europe lately. Most of those turn out to be really good and Dimholt is no exception. Seeing that they started in 2003 and only now have released their debut, it is no wonder I have not heard of them before.

These Bulgarians create a form of black metal which is one the one hand quite typical for their region. Longer, melodic songs with lots of melancholy and emotion. On the other hand the music has a firm modern backbone, which reminds more of newer Scandinavian bands. At times it even gets slightly psychedelic, which contrasts nicely with the more aggressive parts. The vocals are strong and possessed and fit perfectly. The band has been helped with sound engineering by T.T. of Abigor, which was a wise move. The album sounds clear but threatening, audible but filthy and is packed with tons of atmosphere. There are no hits or fillers on this album, it is a well worked out whole. Dimholt deliver a grandiose debut with ‘Liberation Funeral’, that is a must for anyone who likes any form of atmosphere in black metal.

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