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Destitution - Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man

Destitution - Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : About a year and a half ago, Destitution self-released a nice three track CDemo ‘The Human Error’
that unfortunately I can’t hardly remember. This is a deficiency of mine and not Destitutions. Recently the band self-released their first full-length album that goes by the name ‘Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man’. Before I go on reviewing this one, let me tell you that the CD comes in a sightly digipack edition and is available through the bands Bandcamp page for twelve bucks.

During their previous effort, Destitution was highly inspired by the bands from the Bay Area and now they have braided some more Teutonic thrash metal elements, which is kinda nice. It’s the simplicity in the music that attracts me to Destitution. That’s not to say that things get dull here but the band is playing really tight and the compositions full but restraint, without any fuss. If you adore fine thrash metal without any deviation to other horizons, ‘Beware The Fury Of The Patient Man’ is an album you should definitely check out.

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