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Ceremonial Oath - The Book Of Truth

Ceremonial Oath - The Book Of Truth

Label : Century Media | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : Ceremonial Oath reformed last year and I wonder if this news was considered as a sensation. Of course there are plenty diehards who remember the band, especially those into melodic death metal from Gothenburg. Ceremonial Oath hails from there and in the early 90s it looked like they were going to be successful. They didn't really get success but some members found success in later bands like In Flames (Jesper Strömblad, Anders Iwers) Hammerfall (Oscar Dronjak, Strömblad) and Tiamat (Iwers).

The debut album 'The Book Of Truth' was released in 1993 on France's Modern Primitives. Even when this album doesn't have the class of the material of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity or At The Gates you can't deny you already hear the same influences that made the genre hugely popular a couple of years later. What is really cool about this reissue is the extra material on the second disc. First of all you'll find 2 demos of Desecrator as the band was named before they renamed the band Ceremonial Oath in 1990. Especially the first demo from 1989 is fun to hear. Not only because of Dronjak's clean vocals but also in general to hear how the band evolved and the future escapades of certain members (again Dronjak in Hammerfall). There's also a two-song promo from 1991 on the second disc that was also released as a 7” in 1992. All in all, a cool overview of the early years of Ceremonial Oath. The band delivered another album ('Carpet') in 1995 on which only Anders Iwers and drummer Markus Nordberg were still present on from the old line-up.

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