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Astral Sleep - Visions

Astral Sleep - Visions

Label : Solitude Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Astral Sleep has developed well. Their first album 'Unawakening' from 2008 was mediocre. The 2010 EP 'Angel' showed a band with an original concept that worked really well. Now they're back with a new album and I have to admit that I appreciate the band after several listening sessions. The band shows you can't put them in one shoebox. Doom metal stays their foundation but the path Astral Sleep is on has many side roads the band often follows. Therefore their music is much more interesting. There's still room for progress, for instance when it comes to the lyrics. However, the band is still young and that leaves room for progression. The four songs on 'Visions' please me.

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