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Katafalk is one of the better Dutch bands on stage as well as on CD. They prove that with their genius new album ''Storm Of The Horde". If you want to know more about the new album and the band, then read this interview with guitarplayer Chris.

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Katafalk released a genius album. Do you think this will be the big breakthrough?

We hope so. We have fought long enough for it! Katafalk exists since 1995 and after
releasing two demos and several line-up changes the debut album is finally here!

How did the recording of the new album ''Storm Of The Horde'' pass off?

Great. It was quite a windfall. We recorded the drums and guitars really fast. We did the solos in one night (great fun!) and later we did the bass and the singing, at least a few atmospheric lines. Then we finally mixed and mastered the whole stuff. The CD is recorded in SingSing studio Metslawier (oa My Minds Mine, Cirrha Niva). We did it all in ten days.

How have the reactions been from the press and in your neighbourhood for so far?

Scarce. The CD is not in the stores before January 25. But the people who heard this CD were wildly enthusiastic about it. The reactions from e-zines and the international metal press are all great for so far. For example the big French Metallian Magazine gave us 4/5 points. In our local pub “de Ster” the CD did it quit well too!

Katafalk went through many line-up changes. What are the reasons for the many line-up changes?

Line-up changes can have more causes and most of the times they are different from each other. Mostly the reasons are none time/lack of motivation/lack of effort or of course the inevitable musical disagreements.

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Katalk has a new guy for the vocals since December, namely Niels. Actually Wokkel was the front man of Katafalk. How was Niels received by the crowd?

Wokkel went away end of 2001. After him we had an American singer (Rodney) for a while but he had to go back to America. Because we had no new guy for the vocals yet Wokkel sang the lyrics on the album. Niels became a member of Katafalk end of 2002 and he is doing excellent. He already did a gig with us and that went quite well. It is a great front man with the necessary stage experience because he also plays in Prostitute Disfigurement.

How do you like the Cold Blood Industries package with the Groningen bands INRI and Monastery?

It is okay, we have been booked for a few times together. We call it the CBI package because I.N.R.I. as well as Katafalk both have contracts with CBI and Monastery is the band from the CBI webmaster. It is a good atmosphere and fun every time. Good guys. One time INRI is the headliner and the other time Katafalk is the headliner,

At the Groningen home audience katafalk has always been successful. Which stage was the best to play as for sound and sociability?

I think the best was that when we were selected for permanent support for God Dethroned on the 'Dutch Ravenous Tour'. On of the last gigs we did in the venue Vera in our Groningen. It was literally a crowded house and the public let themselves go; it was great! In addition we have played three times in the super cool 013 (thanks Tjerk!) and that is always fun too.

Which bands and music are inspiring for you?

Speaking for myself: I grew up with Iron Maiden, eighties thrash, nineties death metal and I am still following the metal scene. For example Nile and Darkane are great bands. Influences of these bands you can all hear back in the music of Katafalk. Favorite bands are Slayer, Kreator, Dark Angel, Morbid Angel, Dismember, Dissection, Emperor, Arch Enemy etc.

What things distinguish Katafalk from other metalbands?

Many people find that our live shows are one of the strongest points of Katafalk. We really like it to stand on stage, we let go! It is a sort of rock'n'roll feeling, I think it is very important. Sweat, hair, adrenaline and a lot of fun. Musically we do not follow trends and we do our own thing. Music must come from your heart! I like music that flies to your throat with stirred up riffs and coo' refrains. It is important that a track sounds good with a strong melody line and a good structure.

How important is image to Katafalk? Is it only about making good music or is the show on stage important too?

It all begins by making good music because if you buy the CD you do not have the show, of course! Naturally show is also important and as you can deduce from the previous question we are not a bunch of pussies on stage, haha! We are ourselves and we do our thing.

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I understand that we can hear Katafalk also on the collector-CD Grunn Metal Combined. What is the reason for making a collector-CD and what do you think about the other bands on this CD?

Grun'n Metals Combined is an excellent initiative that we supported from the beginning. The idea was to promote the local bands through organising a combined festival, releasing combined CDs etc. There are a lot of talented bands in the neighbourhood of Groningen like Seizure, As It Burns, Winter Of Sin and Obtuse. GMC meanwhile developed into a solid organisation. Check

What is one of the worst Dutch bands you ever have seen on stage and what is one of your personally favourite Dutch bands?

The worst band from Holland? I hope never to see them ever on stage, haha! But now you mention it; some time ago I walked on De Grote Markt in Groningen and to my surprise K-otic was playing on the balcony of Vindicat. Yes, that was really bad. But there also a lot of great Dutch bands. I think Inhume is an excellent bad, especially live! And God Dethroned of course (haha, we are on Henri's label)

In 2001 Katafalk released a promo which sold out all 800 copies. You can conclude that it was quite a success. Is the music that one can hear on the promo comparable to the music on the new album?

All the tracks from the promo have been recorded for the CD for the second time round. The promo sounds much worse because it is a demo, mixed and recorded in ten hours only. For the people who only know the promo and who are curious about the rest of the music on ''Storm Of The Horde'' I can say it is best compared to the track ''Birthmark 666” from the promo and there are less grindcore influences. Not less brutal but there is more diversity compared to the promo.

Do you have a lot of gigs in store for us? And are there plans for touring through foreign countries?

Surely! Our CD–presentation we have February 15 in Simplon Groningen with the support acts INRI and Monastery (CBI package). There is no fee that evening. Furthermore we will play on Noordschok, a big yearly metal festival in the North of Holland. Hopefully we can play on other festivals like Stonehenge. We had plans for tours in foreign countries last year but it failed for two times. Hopefully the third time we will be lucky.

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How do you like the label Cold Blood Industries? In which points did it improve Katafalk?

We improved a lot. For the first time in the career of Katafalk we are a signed band which has big advantages. CBI will release the CD all over the world (Europe, U.S., Canada), conforms reviews/interviews for us, promos for venues etc. An other good thing is that the head office is in our hometown Groningen so if I wanted to talk about thinks I can go to the office and I do not have to discuss by way of phone or mail.

How important are lyrics? And can you tell us some more about the lyrics on the CD “Storm Of The Horde”? What is the inspiration for the lyrics?

The lyrics on 'Storm Of The Horde' are written by two persons; Wokkel and Rodney. Wokkel has mainly written the reality-lyrics and the lyrics of Rodney are more fictive, although sometimes there is a deeper sense to it. Wokkel is chiefly inspired in daily life and a reoccurring theme is a ''Fuck Off'' with regards to the narrow-minded society. ''Rise Now'' and ''Birthmark 666'' from his hand on the other hand are fantasy-lyrics just like Rodney's ''Storm Of The Horde'', ''Succubus'' and ''Baptized In Fire”. Both reality and fantasy can be great. Metal lyrics like “Storm Of The Horde'' with a good sing-along chorus is great but I do not mind if a track has a message.

Do you have new plans and ideas for new material? What can we expect in the future from Katafalk?

We have begun with writing again and as usual the next album will be a killer metal album again! No trendy stuff but music from the heart. The next album is will be released by CBI again.

What is the best album and the worst album of 2002?

Does "Wages Of Sin" (Arch Enemy) count for 2002? I would say that is the best!
Bad records are a waste of money. There is enough garbage released.

Something that I did not ask, but you want to say?

- All buy our album 'Storm of The Horde'!
- You can download the track "Cannonfodder" for free on our website!
-You have to see us on stage!
-Soon there are great shirts available featuring the album cover!
-Drink beer & bang your head!
-Support Metal!

Thanks for giving answers on the questions and we hope we can see soon Katafalk on stage!

Thank you too for this interview and Hail (& Kill) to Lords Of Metal! Later!

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