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This band has delivered a great album, and that is always a good reason for an interview. If you want to know more about Impiety, the new album, the old stuff...then this is your chance!

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At first I want to say the new album KAOS KOMMAND 696 is a masterwork with great production, congratulations!

696 Kaoz Salutationz and Hailz Deborah! We thank you for your wicked words on the new album holocaust!

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Impiety's birth began in 1990, that is a long time a go, there were the necessarily line-up and label changes. Can you tell the story behind this?

It's 12 years now and true enough line-up changes over the years inevitable! Also each IMPIETY release crafted into the flesh of a number of labels. As for the line-up changes, It's usually because of financial difficulties in the way of some of the members (eg.Demonomancer) that made it difficult for them to pursue the band full-time. Some had to leave because of their full-time work schedule which left them not much time for the band (eg. Abyydos and Dagoth).. We are a very serious and dedicated band so it's not easy for some members to maintain for long let alone progress with the band over time. As for Iblyss, it was his lack of discipline as a musician and also his obsession with the image aspect. He was kicked out without any regrets! Falmi (Dajjal) was also told to leave because of his work schedule which hindered our progress. Xxxul (Zul) left late 2001 without proper justification and wasn't a really committed guitarist after all. We always had to push him to practice, something which he always need to be reminded about. Right now, Fyraun , Fauzzt and I command the band...and we're glad the 3 of us can work and perform very well together as a team!

As for the label changes we encountered…our debut signing to Shivadarshana Recs was off to a really promising start for us releasing both the 7” EP 'Salve the Goat' and debut album “Asateerul Awaleen” but then they suddenly shut down for personal reasons when they were supposed to have released “Funeralight…” MCD in 97. So we had to release it on an Independent label Ultra-Hingax Productions from Malaysia who did a limited 2500 copies on MC format. We then worked with Dies Irae Productions – Singapore because we thought we could trust them totally, but it was bad when they never paid our royalties and just gave us empty promises! We worked with Drakkar Productions (France) for the re-issue of “Skullfucking Armageddon” euro-edition and it was great but they could afford to take us on for a future album due to financial constraints. And finally, today we're on Osmose Productions. A huge sigh of relief that finally we're on the right label capable of taking us many steps further.

What are your musical influences and which bands are the most important reason to form Impiety?

Our influences have always been the same since we incepted in 1990. We started out and still are 'til this very day inspired by kult godz early BATHORY, early SARCOFAGO, old POSSESSED, early KREATOR,
NECROVORE, SODOM, SEXTRASH, old VENOM, early NECRODEATH, early MORBID ANGEL, etc. We are also very much inspired and fuelled with much anti-Christian hatred, terrorist and satanic nuclear warfare, goatworship, perversion, blasphemy and bestial steel desecration! It's clear to say that IMPIETY was formed mainly to realise the fall and demise of Christianity through our bastard breed of bestial Warmetal, spreading Absolute Worldwide chaos and disorder!

KAOS KOMMAND 696 is the first album by Osmose productions. Impiety signed a contract for three assaults. What do you expect from Osmose and is it a big advance for the band?

Definitely a big advancement for the band being on a really well established label! It's better in terms of the promotion. In the past most of the promotion work was done by the band with little help from previous labels….and it took up a lot of our time, costing us a lot of money. Right now, although we still play an important part in promotions but it's much organized and also we have more time to focus on writing barbaric music like what extreme musicians are meant to do!

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Together with producer Henrik Larsson you recorded the new album in three weeks at Barno studios in Sweden. Was it the first time you worked together with Hendrik Larsson and is it the last time? How do you look back to the three weeks of recording, was it a tough job?

Recording is always proven to be stressful although we do enjoy it. We had a angelraping hellish time in Malmo, Sweden working with producer Henrik Larsson at Berno Studio. Everything went well actually, but just at the end of the production, it became tough fighting with time because initially we just booked the studio for 17 days and for sure it wasn't enough to do 10 songs. We spent 22 days in total and totally satisfied with everything!

Super fast, furious, satanic war-metal; is that the right description for the music that you can hear on KAOS KOMMAND 696?

Yes, precisely! Or as any diehard IMPIETY Goat gladiator would say, CHRISTFUCKING NUKLEAR WARMETAL HOLOCAUST!!!

Why did you choose for a Limited Digipack edition with covers from Sextrash and Blasphemy?

We thought it would be monumental to have 2 versions of “Kaos Kommand 696”” and the digipack version limited to 4000 units and LP version of 500 units, inclusive of 2 kult bonus tracks! SEXTRASH is a band I was totally into and one of our inspirations prior to inception! Oswaldo Pussyripper, their vocalist who died in a fatal car crash in 97, was like a demonic beast on stage and very much an idol of mine! We decided to record this track in honour and tribute to the band's heavy ripping-evil influence to IMPIETY all these 12 fucking years! Canadian desecrators and warbrothers BLASPHEMY whom I've been in touch with since their amazing Blood Upon the Altar demo 89 has earned all my admiration and respect all these years for keeping the spirit alive and maintaining great demonic comradeship over these years!

Can you give a description of each released album/LP? Are you satisfied about each released album?

- Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration:

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Our debut demo tape in 1992 containing 5 songs. That's the first blasphemy we carved into the flesh of all religious swines alike and we're proud of it. Dirty, raw, savage, perverse and ugly that's how we wanted it to sound!! I can tell you close to 600 copies made it into the claws of demonic legions world-wide.

- Salve the Goat:

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First signing and first single release on Dutch label Shivadarshana Records. Contains 2 songs “Cuntblasphemy…” and “Magick-Consecration Goatsodomy”. Yes, we like how the production turned out on this single! 3000 EP units sold with an additional limited 500 released on marble vinyl by Fudgeworthy Records - USA.

- Asateerul Awaleen:

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Debut album of 8 songs of raw, hateful and fast traditional blackwarmetal! Asateerul Awaleen was indeed the blackest and rawest steel of hell we unleashed upon mankind! 4000 units pressed and sold. On a personal note, the production suffered badly due to lack of funds during the mixing process! Overall, we don't like the very thin and weak production. It's hard to find Asateerul Awaleen…these days unless you get lucky on eBay.

- Funeralight:

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5 song EP that was meant to have been a MCD. Released on limited 2500 copies cassette version by independent label Ultra-Hingax Productions – Malaysia. “Funeralight…” was distributed ONLY in Asia and no where else! Production raw but this time, much better then the debut album! This is a kult release, truly wicked and barbaric!

- Skullfucking Armageddon:

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IMPIETY's second album assault of 8 songs! Limited digipack of 2500 copies released by Dies Irae Productions and also was licensed to Drakkar Productions (France) with 3 bonus tracks in 3000 limited copies! All time favorite for all the commanders of IMPIETY!

- Kaos Kommand 696:

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Our strongest and most deadly missile launch to date! Pure fucking power, and hellfernal fury unleashed upon mankind! 8 songs on the normal version and 10 songs (with 2 bonus tracks) on the limited digipack version! We are totally satisfied with this new album holocaust!!

Are there any plans to come to Europe again?

Very soon, if not a European tour in late Spring then hopefully the Summer of 2003. We are awaiting word from our label regarding these upcoming tours.

Who writes the lyrics and what can you tell us about the lyrics?

It is I who write up most of the music and also all of the lyrics! IMPIETY commands and preaches satanic war, death, blasphemy, terror, goatworship, perversion, angelraping rituals as well as genocide! We must constantly wage apokalyptik war against the followers of Jesus Christ and other useless man-created Gods killing, destroying all hope and dreams of a promised bullshit paradise!

Impiety is a satanic band. Is that the life style of all of you or do think it is only a interesting issue to write about it and that is it?

We are warmongering Satanists twisted by our own terroristic beliefs and our vision for a world of chaos and the complete fall of Christendom and the desecration and decimation of all weak religions shall be realised! It's much more than just the music! Simply put, We practice what we preach and the fucking Saw is definitely the Law! We want to exterminate and eradicate all sick and diseased sheep of god and eventually destroy this fucking planet once and for all!

Does one of you have a side-project besides Impiety?

No...all of us are full-time IMPIETY Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts!

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What can we expect in the future from Impiety? Again a super fast, furious album or a total another sound?

We've already begun writing up new material and gearing up for an extensive South East Asian Tour beginning March of 2003 throughout a month. Just expect the unexpected…bearing in mind, we'll just keep pushing all extremity beyond limits!

How is the metal scene in Asia, can you tell us about another interesting bands in the underground metal scene?

We have a small but strong metal underworld in Asia. As for the South East Asian region, there are definitely more Asian black/death metal bands, zines, fans, labels in comparison to the early 90s. Every extreme metaldemon and legion should visit South East Asian Metal Force website for a complete list categorized systematically by Country on the different labels, zines, bands available in each Asian country. Bands I'd strongly recommend from the South East Asian region are SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (Thailand) – True Asian Kings of Blackfuckingmetal! NEUROTIC OF GODS – Furious Indonesian Black Metal, ISTIDRAJ – Singapore hateful Black Metal, NECHBEYTH – Singaporean Fast Black Warmetal, NECROTIC CHAOS – Malaysia deathmetal, KORIHOR – Philippino BlackMetal, VRYKOLAKAS – Singaporean Brutaldeathmetal, IRONFIST – Singaporean heavyfuckingmetal!, INFINITY PATH – Indonesian Raw BlackMetal, BILHARZIA –Malaysian Brutaldeath, DEMONIFICATION – Singaporean Deathrashmetal, etc.

The great cover art work is done by JP. Fournier Desmond Sia, was it the first time you worked together with them? How was the cooperation?

It was the first time we worked with JP Fournier. He has in fact, done some killer work for IMMORTAL & IMPALED NAZARENE. He's cool to work with and delivered close to what we wanted for the cover art of the normal version. I still prefer the cover of the limited edition digipack in comparison! Desmond Sia on the other hand has been long in contact with me and has always contributed his demonic hellustrations to IMPIETY. His first work us was the brilliant Baphogram art, on the Skullfucking Armageddon Limited Digipack and since then, he's been working closely with the band, relating all his art upon the demonic war anthems and overall concept of IMPIETY.

What is the most important reason to make music?

Our mission through our music has been made clear…to savagely Krush, Kill and Konquer! Our malevolent war anthems serve to blaspheme, annihilate, torment, desecrate, destroy anything and everything that upholds and exemplifies God and his holiness!! Making music to us is like making War!

Together with Sodom you did the In Sign of Eastern Evil tour. How was it to tour with Sodom, was it a success and how was the response on Impiety ?

It was great and I'm glad SODOM are very down to earth warriors of steel and were really great in both spirit and attitude! Also it was but an honor to share the same stage as our mentors! The metalwarheads and crazy fans of Thailand were blown away by a preview of some lethal war anthems from 'Kaos Kommand 696' and response great!!

Something you want to say to the Dutch metal heads?

Get the new IMPIETY album and be blown away by it! 'Kaos Kommand 696' is the ultimate album holocaust proving you time and again that IMPIETY continue to reign the Metal World supreme with might and power! SAVAGELY RAPING, KRUSHING AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING ALONG OUR PATH! BEHOLD, THE FISTFUCKING ATOMIC WRATH OF AZZAZZEL!!!

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