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Name: Cor Schilstra

Cor Music seems to be a disposable article to many people nowadays. An mp3 player full of downloaded songs, which are erased when the songs are not “hot” anymore. Many people think of you as a fool, when you collect mainly old-fashioned records. Fortunately there are still people who really have a passion for music. After a few years on a sidetrack, I thought it was about time again, and I responded to a vacancy at the LoM crew.

What once started with a 7” record of The Sweet, followed by albums of Kiss and The Free, started out to be a real passion for the music they called Hard Rock in those days. When hearing Gary Moore’s G-Force, I placed this man on a mile high pedestal, where he still remains to me on this day. In the early eighties, with long grown hair and a jeans jacked full of patches of Y & T, Priest and UFO, I visited my first concerts. When I started playing guitar, I also listened to blues, country, and southern-rock. Nowadays I also listen to newer bands, as long as it feels honest and favourable with roots in the seventies, such as the so called Rawk ‘n Roll and Stoner.

Besides listening and making music, I also confronted readers of the late Rockezine with my opinion of CD’s and concerts from the years 2000 to 2004, and even met some of my heroes in the flesh. Now in 2008 I thought it was time to continue this hobby for LoM.

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