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Name: Patrick Verhoeven

Patrick Anyone who knows me a little, knows that I am too complicated and quirky to write that down in just a few lines. But okay ... let me give you a brief look in the world that is called Patrick:

1. I've been listening to metal for thirty-five years now and the stigma of being a metal veteran cannot be avoided.
2. I prefer quality over quantity.
3. I see myself as an optimist, am positive, straightforward and open-minded.
4. I am happily married and the proud dad of the sweetest and most beautiful daughter in the world.
5. I purchased my first LP in 1983: ‘Piece of Mind’ by Iron Maiden.
6. My first metal concert was on June 6, 1984 in Leiden, where Twisted Sister, with Metallica as the support act, came to the Stadsgehoorzaal.
7. The fact that my musical roots are in the eighties does not mean that my musical horizon has been left behind in those days. I am open to anything and everything in the field of metal and related musical ferocity.
8. To me, music is perception and emotion and is expressed at its best when it touches me deeply and really does affect me. If that happens, it is not relevant which musical label has been attached to the music.
9. Sincerity, passion, emotion, intensity and complexity are words in my life that matter and it will not surprise you that I would like to hear that in music.
10. I love it when a band comes up with thought-provoking lyrics; sometimes music can give a great liberating feeling, but at other times I like it when a band confronts me and lets me think about all kinds of subjects.
11. I say what I want, when I want. That is not after your liking? Feel free to browse on ...
12. I dislike racism, intolerance, homophobia, dogmatic political illusion, sexism, populism, sectarianism and idiocy in general.
13. People who feel superior to other people and unthinking people following the herd (fanboys and -girls, are you reading along?) better think twice before they ask for my opinion.
14. In spite of my busy schedule and hectic life, I still try to catch a concert regularly. The chances that you meet me, are the best at locations in the west of the Netherlands (Haarlem, A'dam).
15. Although I do not have the illusion that my opinion is original or ground-breaking, it does not stop me from having a strong opinion about music (and all sorts of other subjects). I like to trust my ideas onto the 'paper'; as readers you can pluck the (sweet or sour) fruit from it.

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