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Name: Jori van de Worp

Jori I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Nope, no paradise by the dashboard light, but a rainy holiday In Luxembourg. I had just turned fourteen. A cd from a band called Savatage was put in the car head unit. At that moment my metal life started. So daddy and (step-)mommy, I thank thee! From that moment on, I started to explore the metal world in search for similar music that I liked, a search that brought me to commonly known names as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and so forth.

The years after, my musical tastes turned towards the power metal scene and I got hooked on the enchanting tunes by bands like Blind Guardian, Angra, Rhapsody and Gamma Ray. Visiting concert was not always easy from the province of Zeeland. I spent many moments on cold and deserted train stations after a gig and I regularly had to beg other visitors for a ride.

Nowadays, I am ‘old and wise’, I drive to concerts using my own car, I swapped the beaches from Zeeland for the forests of Gelderland and I earn my own living as a physics and chemistry teacher. My love for metal has not died though, but also here some things have changed. Next to heavy- and power metal, my speakers now also regularly produce thrash, prog, folk, sympho and also black metal. Trying to get me into death metal, nu metal and everything ending in ‘core’ will be a complete waste of your time.

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