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Name: Berto Huizinga

Berto My name is Berto Huizinga, born sometime in the previous century and addicted to music, especially the heavier kind. I am currently working as an interim credit manager (for all your cashflow problems), married to Roberta and living as an out-an-out man from Rotterdam in idyllic The Hague. Does not sound as a veritable metal head.

The aforementioned addiction can be contributed to my elder brothers who both had an album in their possession that stood out in their own collection but were appreciated by me at a very early age. The albums were ’Made in Japan’ by Deep Purple and ‘Strong arm of the law’ by Saxon. When I started to buy my own music, it was accompanied by a false start (first album bought was ‘Unmasked’ by Kiss, no further explanation needed) but via Dio, Iron Maiden and later on with Metallica and Slayer I am now at a point where I absorb every available style of metal they come up with and preferably as many styles as possible incorporated in one band, makes it all that easier. If you have trouble labeling the style, chances are I love it. And those styles that are hard to categorize will be reviewed by me in Lords of Metal, to try and give the reader some grip, or some handhold if you will.

Most funny experiences as a metal head? Taking my wife (her favorite music at the time Celine Dion and Janet Jackson) to a Death concert in Nighttown, and she loved it !! And meeting Dream Theater back stage, pretty cool as well.

I lived up to my writing ambitions in the past with another webzine of which the name shall not be mentioned, where I had to quit due to a lack of time, but the urge to write about my favorite music proved to be too big and now I am back with the best in the field.

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