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Name: Horst Vonberg

Horst "In my youth, I learned the Truth, PURE METAL was the only way!"

Horst Vonberg, former host of the radio show that died in 2000, since then owner/chief editor of this E-Zine. He keeps this site up to date together with the webmaster, manages literary everuthing else himself so that the crew can focus on thier duties, and every now and then he reviews some albums or does an interview. He's a fanatical fan of Metal since the late 70's (imagine how old he is!), and his taste varies from symphonic rock/metal way up to black/death metal, with as major favourite speed/thrash/power Metal. A few bands he likes are W.A.S.P., Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Rush, Slayer, Dream Theater, Helloween, Exodus, (old) In Flames, OverKill, Nile, Edguy, Dropkick Murphies etc. He absolutely hates things like nu-metal, vacuumcleaner death and two chords/drumcomputer black.

Besides all above he also has a radioshow on the Dutch rock station Arrow Classic Rock where he makes the hardrock/metal show High Voltage. You can listen to his weekly show at this location.

And underneath you can see with what my life-long addiction started...

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